TBC Bank is 17 Years Old

From the Editorial Board

A special press conference has been held in the head office of TBC Bank to commemorate its 17th anniversary.

Staff who had been with TBC in its earliest days outlined its development since 1992.
Having started with 500 USD capital 17 years ago TBC Bank now has assets of 1 billion USD, more than 2,300 employees and the reputation of being one of the most solid financial institutions in Georgia. In 1998 it survived the crisis caused by the collapse of the Russian banking system and in 2008 the world financial crisis thanks to the professionalism of its staff and their devotion.
TBC has always been oriented to introducing modern approaches and systems in banking. Over the last 17 years TBC has several times been nominated as one of the leading banks in Georgia. It has established branches all over the country, and counts among its shareholders IFC, DEG, EBRD, FMO, JP Morgan and Ashmore as well as private individuals. International rating agency Fitch Ratings has increased TBC’s rating to B+ and it holds an ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
In 2001 TBC Bank established the insurance company GPI Holding; it has been successful in this market too. It carries out many charitable activities and does its best to satisfy its customers. Chairman of the Board of the TBC Group and one of the founders of the TBC Bank Mamuka Khazaradze informed journalists about the successes and future plans of the bank, highlighting in particular the high professionalism of the employees, their motivation and team spirit.