ProCredit Bank Introduces New Service for Business Clients

From the Editorial Board

ProCredit Bank, as a House Bank for businesses, constantly strives to offer the most up-to-date services and products to businesses in all spheres of economy providing them with maximum convenience.

With the business activity picking up in Georgia, the bank now offers its business clients a brand-new service – a personal Business Advisor, who provides professional advice on all banking issues and acts as the first point of contact for them. On Wednesday, September 29, ProCredit Bank invited its business clients for a reception to introduce this new service and to thank them for the long-term partnership built for over ten years. Clients of ProCredit Bank can now enjoy services of Business Advisors, who act as personal bankers for clients, providing guidance on the banking needs for their businesses as well as offering advice regarding their personal financial needs. They assist clients in selecting an appropriate credit product for expanding their business and advise on how to manage their company’s accounts without leaving the office and pay the salaries in a few minutes. Besides, they advise the entrepreneurs’ families on managing their personal accounts and savings. Georgian businessmen, clients of ProCredit Bank, were given the opportunity to display their products at the reception. It summarised ProCredit Bank’s project – “Client’s Corner”, designed for the bank’s clients to promote their products at the bank’s branches. The exhibition at the reception enabled the entrepreneurs to learn about each other’s products and services and build new business partnerships. Maya Meredova, General Director of ProCredit Bank: “I am glad to once again remind to our existing and potential clients that ProCredit Bank is the House Bank for businesses, a place where they can get all the banking services they need for their business and family with the assistance of our Business Advisors. ProCredit Bank will continue serving its primary focus – supporting the development of Georgian businesses and contributing to the overall development of the country’ economy.”