To the issue of economic growth estimation (ABSTRACT)

Zurab Alavidze

Economic growth implies long-term changes in the real volume of national production connected with the development of production forces for the long period of time.

Necessity of economic growth is stipulated by constant growth of social demand for consumable things. Development of economic demands, their quantitative changes and qualitative renewal has unlimited nature: development of production and social-economic progress leads to new demands.
It is advisable that economic growth estimation should be performed in accordance with the following indices:
1. Growth of real GDP during the (uchiotni) year;
2. Growth of real GDP per head during the (uchiotni) year;
3. Greater number of newly-produced wealth compared with deranged wealth during the (uchiotni) year;
4. Change of poverty level during the (uchiotni) year;
5. Change of human development index during the (uchiotni) year;
6. Change in expenses for education and healthcare during the (uchiotni) year.