Dr. Emzar Djgerenaia

Human is a human when he is free.
Freedom is a divine trace in human.
Who is free in the Union ? no one.
Grigol RobakidzeThe theory of the Georgian concept of free asphalt and mployment

What is a person’s economic freedom and country of free economy ? a serious danger for human as a cultural and social originality or the only form of his existence? Does a person need economic freedom? Who were Adam and Eva in Eden ? careless slaves who had everything they wanted? They needed neither economy nor freedom of speech nor free economy. They had light, water, roads, but they did not have the main thing ? freedom. This is the thing we have in abundance; instead we do not have all the rest. Thus, we are in the position of Adam and Eva, only the other way round: we have freedom, but no conditions. Yet, we can discern the good from the evil. Instead of freedom we have roads full of holes, like Swiss cheese, with 1234 holes per cubic meter and 345 patches. View from above is such that the sky gets ashamed and continuously rains down on them. The nature entertains itself this way all the summer. It rains constantly, but still roads do not get better. Thus, the most experienced workers of road service here are lika jewellers. It is not like abroad where people build wide spacious roads and then have no work for years! Our scientists have developed the theory of permanent employment. We lay roads by means of the so called pin-point blows. Imagine road with 1234 holes for one square meter ? the depth of the hole is 1, 4 cubic centimeters. Can you imagine how difficult it is to lay such road! Beka or Beshken Opizari would find it difficult to make such accurate work. How do you like the idea of asphalt laying into a hole of 1,4 cubic centimeters, so that it would “easily” come out of it a month later! Some think that asphalt needs no freedom and that it should lie on roads for centuries. Nothing of the kind, my foreign colleagues, by the end of the summer pieces of our plump asphalt also go for a holiday to the sea and get lost as they travel around the world. That is why we lay other ones instead of them. Thanks to this, our people are always at work. And not only road workers. Cars get out of order and we constantly have to repair them. Thus, we surpass the world’s leading countries in the number of employed repairmen and car repair frequency. We, Georgian economists, have been working out the permanent employment theory and now we are preparing a scientific project for introducing our know-how abroad. Everything is ready except for one thing. We do not have one small thing. In particular, it is not clear how we will manage to spoil their well-groomed roads and bring them to our standards. We hope collaborators of our road service will impart the mystery to us, and we will be able to employ the whole world.
It is incredible, but 70-year old Socrates took to his mouth a cup of poison given to him by an executioner and drank it happily. There is nothing strange about it ? for 70 years he lived on the broken roads of Old Athens. After this it is not even frightful to drink poison. If he had to walk on Georgian roads, use water by schedule once in three days and work at 112.4 voltage, he would be happy to drink poison at the age of 25. If Adam and Eva had to walk on such roads, they would never think of eating the apple.
I will correct our great ancestor, freedom is a divine trace of both human and asphalt, for asphalt also needs to move as well as a human needs to be employed and free. ?
The rain has begun again. New workplaces will appear and we will obstinately get down to laying asphalt by means of the proven point-patch method. We will spend budget funds and employ people. The power of economic theory is really very great, asphalt is sweet, and grand is the power of freedom as well as freedom of asphalt. We have breathed life and movement into it. Hardly the asphalt is laid it disappears. This is the credo, substance and empiric expression of the causal effect of man and asphalt. We have not doomed our asphalt to eternal slavery and boring service on roads, as it is abroad. Instead, the previous asphalt quietly leaves giving way to new one. Permanent constant rotation continues, and asphalt flies freely away? This is what our humanity has led to!
Freedom is the lot of free people; it could neither appear in the Union nor grow in 10 years or moreover, build free economy. It needs time, yet we have grown on methodological and systematic eavesdropping, complaints and discontent, pride and boasting. We have always been a country of generals with chronic deficit of soldiers, but asphalt pavers have always been in abundance here. It is high time for us to grow soldiers. It is fine that our roads do not let us stay alone with ourselves; shaking and quaking they give us no chance of thinking, suffering ? one can only have the feeling of vivacity and freedom. It is pity that one realizes the reality of asphalt’s freedom and impracticability of our freedom only when the road ends.
It is raining and pouring again. Rains have once again driven away heaps of asphalt into nowhere. Workplaces will appear again and everything will begin anew? Asphalt is really free, and you?