The price of rest on Georgian Black Sea coast

Lali Chagelishvili

When summer comes, the most part of the population has a problem – where to rest. They have a wide range of choice: they can go abroad, or rest at the local resorts going either to the mountains or to the seaside. This time we would like to focus our attention on Georgian sea resorts.

The majority of Georgian tourist centers, hotels, sanatoriums, and tourist companies are ready for the summer season. Tourist agencies offer a wide range of variants for spending a holiday on Black Sea coast – in Abkhazia and Ajara.
Abkhazia, after the events of 1990s, is closed for Georgians and is a risky region for having holiday there. But in spite of it, during the whole year a lot of foreigners from both far and near abroad prepare for having a rest there, among them there are Georgians as well.
Abkhazia became a part of Georgia in March 1921. It is situated in the North-West part of Georgia. Abkazia’s northern border stretches along the main Caucasus ridge. Its South and South-West part is washed by the Black Sea. The North-West border stretches along the Psou river, and in the East the border passes along Svaneti-Abkhazeti range and the Inguri river. In the North Abkhazia borders upon Krasnodar Territory and Karachai-Circassian autonomous region, in the East – upon Mestia and Tsalendzhikha regions; in the South – upon Zugdidi region. Abkhazia’s total area is 8,7 thousand km2, which makes up 12,5% of the total territory of Georgia.
Before the conflict in Abkhazia there were 5 administrative regions: Gali, Gudauta, Gulripsh, Ochamchire, Sukhumi; the territory under the administration of Gagra 1 former town council, 6 towns: Gagra, Gali, Gudauta, Ochamchire, Sukhumi, Tkvarcheli, and 4 boroughs: Akhali Athoni, Bichvinta, Gantiadi, and Gulripsh.
The development of tourism in Georgia started in 1930s. At that period a first tourist center with 150 places was opened, and it worked seasonally.
By 1980 in Abkhazia there were 2 tourist hotels, 7 tourist centers, 1 campsite. Mass tourism was very popular. Speleological tourism was especially popular, which was stipulated by creation in Akhali Athoni of a unique cave complex, and more than 2000 people visited it daily. If we mention geographical and economic potential of Abkhazia, it is not difficult to imagine why this region attracted Russia and why they consider Abkhaia among the resorts of Krasnodar Territory. For Georgians this region and rest here is just sweet memories and nostalgia, and Russia called Abkhazia a unique place.
The nature has bestowed this region very generously. Lovers of contrasts have an opportunity to get from palm tree embankments to the atmosphere of mountain rivers and azure sky.
There are no very old enterprises in Abkhazia. Its air is rich in oxygen and sea salt, which is really a curative cocktail, and provides for a full-fledged rest.
Here tourists and holidaymakers will feel a harmony with nature but those who do not want to seclude themselves in natural silence may visit restaurants, bars, interesting excursions, sea entertainments, etc.
In summer 2005 Abkhazia is traditionally ready to receive holidaymakers. Here there are various holiday homes, sanitary complexes and hotels. They offer manifold kinds of rest and services.
Mini hotels are of cottage type, and they can accommodate from 16 to 30 holidaymakers. This kind of hotels you can find in Bichvinta, for example like mini hotel “Astra”. The cottages are two or three storeyed. The apartments in the cottages are double with one room. At the disposal of holidaymakers there are also double and two room apartments. The last ones are of luxury class, with telephone, fridge, air conditioner, balcony. Three times meal in the canteen, where an air conditioner will save you from the summer heat. The courses are home made, which will give an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional national cuisine.
The price of living in the hotel includes accommodation, boarding, and use of beach accessories, the additional payment is for sauna, excursion programs, Russian and Turkish baths, fishing, etc. – 50 Russian rubles in all. The tickets are for 10-15 days. A daily living in “Apsara” hotel is not that cheap:
In Bichvinta in “Miusera” pension, unlike “Apsara”, the holidaymakers can use video salon, library, billiard and trainer halls. The pension is twelve-storeyed facing the sea embankment. In Miusera you can live in:
– 1 place and 1 room apartment with a shower, lavatory and balcony;
– 2 places and 1 room apartment facing the sea;
– 2 places and 1 room apartment facing the mountains
– 3 places and 1 room apartment
– 2 places and 2 rooms semi luxury apartment in which, besides shower and a lavatory, there is a TV set, a fridge, and soft furniture;
– 2 places and 2 rooms luxury apartment with all conveniences.
There is three times meal at the pension. The price of the ticket includes accommodation, boarding, and use of beach. There is additional payment for excursions and renting of beach accessories. The price of a day’s stay at this pension is the following:
Besides the above-mentioned hotels, in Abkhazia the following pensions invite tourists and holidaymakers: “Bzis Kheivani”, “Gagra”, “Akhali Atoni”, sanatorium “Gagra”. Here the prices range from 240 to 341 USD per person. In connection with the events of 1990s Abkhazia is closed for Georgian population. Here, mainly, residents of Russia spend their holidays. To encourage Georgians, it is worth mentioning, that Georgian and Abkhazian policy is encouraging. On July 21, 2005 the main subject of Georgian-Abkhazian negotiations was Russia’s influence on Abkhazia. Georgia offered Abkhazia to open a UN’s office I Gali, and form UN civil police, which will protect the civil rights in the region. According to the statement of Georgian President’s special representative on Abkhazian issues – Irakli Alasania, his main task has been and is establishing of direct contacts with Abkhazians. The possibility of it really exists today, which can be seen from the fact that, in spite of a great influence upon the Abkhazians, Russia confronts certain resistance on Abkhazia’s part, – Irakli Alasania said in his interview to “Imedi” TV company. What could not be done two years ago becomes possible now. According to the respondent’s statement, he supports the activities of non-governmental organizations for settlement of the conflict. We hope that the time, when Georgian Abkhazians and all refugees from Abkhazia will return to their homeland, is not far off, and Zhirinovsky’s and his associates’ words that they will see Georgia without Georgians will return to them like a boomerang. We wish Georgian population a wonderful rest in their historic homeland. Abkhazia will meet all tourists with warmth, culture, and hospitality.
In 2005 sunny Ajara also prepares for reception of holidaymakers. All conditions for tourists’ rest have been created in Ajara. The resumption of operation of high speed “Kometa” boat is planned, and it will run on the rout Batumi-Khopa-Trabzon-Batumi. Both Georgian and foreign tourists can travel on it. Batumi boulevard became 3 km longer, and it offers many new things to the holidaymakers. The population of Batumi is 135 thousand people. The climate in Ajara is subtropical, and characterized by warm winter and hot summer. The average temperature at the seaside is 26 C°, the temperature of water 23-24 C°. Here there are all conditions for those people who are fond of hunting and fishing.
Batumi coastal park on the embankment is one of the attractions. Here you can rest in the shade of trees, entertain yourselves on tennis courts, keep fit on the football field, or play chess. Besides sports and intellectual games in the park and on the beach holidaymakers can visit cafes, bars, and various restaurants for real gourmets.
You can spend an unforgettable summer in Batumi at “David” hotel. It is situated not far from the coast. There is Swedish cuisine in it. Each room has a mini bar, modern video and electric appliances. Sauna, tennis courts, excursion routs are at your disposal. Prices per person are as follows:
Prices for one holidaymaker are as follows:
5 days – Luxury appartment 528$, appartment 288$
10 days – Luxury appartment 1056$, appartment 576$
“Tennis Club” hotel offers apartments with 1, 2 or 3 rooms, lunch, a beach of its own, excursions, and bungalow. A day of living in luxury apartment costs 170 USD, in the apartment with 2 rooms – 140 USD, and in the apartment with one room – 120 USD. “Metropol” hotel in Batumi is also attractive. It is situated in the center of the town, not far from the boulevard (150 meters). Here they will create a comfortable and quiet atmosphere by a modern design. The prices here are also acceptable. Luxury apartment for 5-6 people – 126 USD, semi luxury apartments for 4 people 50 USD, the apartment for 4 people – 67 USD. At the distance of 15 km from Batumi there situated a wonderful Sarpi resort. Here you can enjoy both mountain and sea air. The rocks standing out from water make this place still attractive. You can forget your daily problems, and have mental rest. All conditions for that have been created in Sarpi hotels. Here there are also private homelike hotels situated within 30 meters from the beach. There are all possibilities for entertainment in Sarpi: various cafes, discotheque, bungalow, shops, excursions to Batumi, Chakvi, Kobuleti, etc.
Tbilisi elite is attracted by the two best hotels in Sarpi: “Medusa” and “Palma”. “Medusa” is situated on the beach in the closed area. It is the most popular place for foreign tourists. Here eight comfortable apartments are situated on 4 floors. Each room has an air conditioner, a TV set, and a balcony. We give the prices for those people who want to live in it:
Luxury appartment for 6 people 1st floor 27m2, big verandah, facing the sea, soft furniture, TV set, bathroom – 54$
2 places appartment + additional place, 4th floor, 20 m2, separate entrance, facing the sea, soft furniture, a TV set, bathroom – 67$
6 places appartment 2nd-3rd floor, + additional place, 27 m2, big verandah, facing the sea, soft furniture, 1 common bathroom for 3 appartments – 40$
Appartment for 2 persons, 2nd -3rd floor, + additional place, 15 m2, facing the sea, soft furniture, 1 common batthroom for 3 appartments – 35$
appartment for 2 persons, 2nd-3rd floor, + additional place, 20 m2, soft furniture, 1 common bathroom for 3 appartments – 30$
“Palma” hotel is “the Eden in Eden” for the Georgian elite. From the windows of the hotel’s rooms holidaymakers can see a panorama of the sea and citrus gardens.

Gonio resort combines mountain and sea air. Here there are many private hotels and cottages. Mountain springs and streams emphasize the beauty of the place. The sights of the resort are: Gonio-Asparosi fortress, which is 222 meters long, and 18 unique castles. Rest here costs from 48 to 120 USD a day.
The hotel situated within 200 meters from the beach will create a quiet family environment for the intelligentsia. 7 days’ holiday here costs 70 USD a day, 10 days’ holiday – 100 USD, 14 days’ holiday – 140 USD. The luxury apartments will cost you, correspondingly, from 94 to 187 USD.
In Kobuleti, one of Ajara’s district centers, rest is more expensive than at the above-mentioned resorts. The price of a ticket without boarding costs 84 USD for 7 days; 10 days – 120 USD; 14 days – 168 USD. Including boarding, correspondingly – from 105 to 210 USD.
Ureki – a curative resort, whose sand has curative properties. It is equally health giving for both children and adults, especially for those ones who suffer from pains in joints. That is why the prices here are higher here compared to the other resorts.
Here we give the prices of “Elite” hotel for August.
At these recreational resorts there are curative and prophylaxis complexes, where the prices range from 200 to 590 USD. In particular:
Children up to 4 years old – free
Children from 4 to 12 years old – 40% discount
Additional bed – 30% discount
At the “Albatros” and “Riviera” the prices are the same.
Tourist agencies will serve the holidaymakers and tourists who arrived at Batumi, where the application should be made in advance, special services take care of safety of the holidaymakers, they are specially mobilized for the holiday season.
We want to wish you a good and pleasant rest in this exotic region of Georgia.