Revelation of Internal reserves of small hydroelectric power stations

Maka Gudiashvili

The work’s objective is revelation of increasing of the effectiveness reserves of small hydroelectric power stations’ operation by means of consecutive chain method.

By using this method it is possible to establish the rate of the effect of different factors on the conclusive indicators, which will provide for the improvement of the final indicator.
The subject of the research is an effective use of power industry’s (as a capital-capacious sector) facilities, which depends on the quality of both intensive and intensive load. The improvement of productive capacities’ use is of a big practical importance, since increasing of the produce volume occurs with the same basic means – the creation of new productive capacities should be implemented without additional capital outlays.
Right determination and adjustment of the tariffs existing in Georgian energy sector is very important against the current social background.
It is indicated in the work that with the improvement of the quality of the main means – both extensive (with respect to time) and intensive (with respect to capacity), we achieved such a result that with the tariff cutting the final indicator did not decreased and we obtained an additional profit.
The above-mentioned measures will give a supplier an opportunity of selling electricity to customers at a low price, which will mark a big step in solving of the issue of providing the customers with scanty means with electric power.