The New Chairman of the Georgian-Turkish Business Council and a 20 Million Investment


Close Georgian-Turkish economic relations that were established in the recent years as well as the prospect of their further deepening put on the agenda the issue of transforming of the Georgian-Turkish Business Council into a more effective and active organization, which was established in Georgia in 1992.

For this purpose, on March 2 a meeting was held at “Tbilisi Marriott” attended by: the Ambassador of the Turkish Republic Mr. Ertan Tezgor, the President of the Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jemal Inaishvili, and the representatives of the following companies: Ltd. “Geocell”, Ltd. “Channel Energy”, “Mina” Joint Stock Company, Ltd. “Art Group”, Ltd. “Geo-Tech”, Ltd. “Granit”, the Chairman of the Association of Georgian and Turkish Businessman Kenan Ildirim.
The Administrative Board was elected, the members of which are the Chamber of Commerce and the aforementioned companies. The meeting elected Jemal Inaishvili new chairman. According to Jemal Inaishvili’s statement, the companies that became members of the Georgian-Turkish Council were either established by means of Turkish capital or have wide experience of work on the Turkish market. It was also pointed out that the Business Council has made a contribution to economic cooperation between the two countries, but taking into account the present-day realities, more work and stepping up of cooperation is needed.
According to the statement of the Ambassador of the Turkish Republic Mr.Ertan Tezgor, a more experienced person is needed as the head of the Georgian-Turkish business council who will step up the existing relations.
It was said at the meeting that at this stage entering of the leading Georgian companies, that will play an active part in the development of Georgian-Turkish economic cooperation, the Administrative Board of the Business Council is particularly important.
According to the statement of Director General of “Mina” Joint Stock Company – Giorgi Mgeladze, a 20 million USD program of Turkish investments has been launched, which will make possible doubling of the factory’s productiveness – from 150 to 300 million units. Presumably, “Mina” will open a new furnace in summer. In 2005 the factory did not even meet the local demand. According to the statement of the Director General, this kind of events will become more frequent in Georgia as a result of the Business Council’s work.
The newly elected Administrative Board will soon start elaborating of the Council’s action program for 2006.