Jemal Inaishvili

Georgia’s integration to the European structures has become an urgent and vital task. From this point of view, contacts with such a big country of the EU as Poland are interesting.

That is why our parliament’s delegation visited Poland’s Seym with the concrete mission. Germany, which will head the European Union in 2007, is preparing a special document for closer contacts with Georgia and its further rapprochement with it. This document, in elaboration of which Poland is getting actively involved, will be important for Georgia’s future. The main problem in our relations with our European partner is that neither Polish nor Georgian businessmen know each other well, investors do not have a clear idea of the potentials of Georgia and Poland. This fact is emphasized with regret by political leaders of Poland and Georgia, as well as by Poland’s Plenipotentiary Ambassador, his Excellency Mr. Yacek Moltunovski. That is why we dedicated this issue to Poland almost completely, you will familiarize yourselves with the economic situation in Poland (p.14), problems in foreign trade and neighborly relations, particularly with Russia and Russia, Poland’s achievements in promotion of production and medium business in the so called technological parks. We shall review the subject of special economic zones in Poland, their role in the issues related to employment and regional development. Interesting are the budgetary processes and the EU’s approaches to the national problems, as we as the achievements in the financial and banking spheres over the past three years, energy vision of the Polish leadership and Georgia’s place on this map. In our opinion, sharing of experience in attraction of investments in Poland is noteworthy. This country holds the fourth place in the world as to the growth of investments. It also has serious positions from the viewpoint of employment regulation (p.35). We offer you an exclusive interview with Poland’s Ambassador in Georgia (p.12).
The studies carried out by us in Poland have convinced us of the necessity to present information to Europe – 1. On our minerals and the export potential in general, as well as licensing and management. 2. On doing business in Georgia and the business background. For this reason we begin publications on these subjects from the 10th issue (p.40) and, of course, we shall continue them in future. That is why we invite any person who will have serious business offers and ideas, and shall present their offers to Polish business circles.
We have held a similar meeting with Czech businessmen in Tbilisi. I think that it was very interesting and effective. We present materials on this subject (p.11) and also offer assistance in cooperation with Czech investors.
In October Georgia became a place of economists’ assemblage, the international conference – “Freedom, Trade and Peace” was held, in which an American economist, the Nobel Prize laureate – Vernon Smith took part. This material is very interesting, since it once more emphasizes the correctness of the course of the Georgian President and government towards liberalism, and even more – its significance for the world economy.
Today the new draft budget is a subject of serous debates in the parliament and in the economists’ circles. We begin the discussion of this document with consideration of the local budgets’ problems (p.8).
Also, for assistance to businessmen, we offer you the work on the role of securities and scientific articles on important subjects related to the country’s economy.
We hope that our cooperation in this issue will be as fruitful as autumn vintage in Kakheti.
With best wishes.