Problemsof The High Economic Education

Nino Arveladze

Georgia` s reform of high education enters the second phase.

Following the competitions, professional submission and structural reorganizations providing at Tbilisi State University, and ongoing reorganizations at other Universities, Ministry of Education of Georgia transitions on new standards base, according to Bologna processes requirements, scheduling regulated and non- regulated professions receipted by Georgian high schools, bringing in harmony with Bologna process participator countries` educating system. The first step of the reform had been done already, meaning legislative changes, competitions, structural and institutional improvement and material issues determination. Regulation of high school took place, determination of its mission and goals, receipted by high schools and presented at the Ministry of Education specializations, programs and exactly determined tasks according to concentrations. The education reform included map creation for the students, providing their assistance in the case of chosen specializations passing. “Minor” and “Major” three steps of educating system creation –bachelor, masters, and decorator ` degree receiving. In every three step and especially at bachelor ` s, ”major” and “minor” levels separation, exact tasks determination for each step and expressing the ways of their achievement.
As Accreditation Service Head of Ministry of Education, Nino Chubinidze reported, “High schools passing accreditation at the Ministry of Education up till today, what was the first one step. But the real process of accreditation will take advantage up from 2008, and accreditation and licenses will be actually separated. Licenses will just include organize and technical issues maintain, but the accreditation will include estimation and how does the high school achieving its goal and its scheduled mission final complication issue determination. Program accreditation is the prerogative of program accreditation center, in the case of program and general educating high schools accreditation will take place together. It aims, regulating professions (Juridical, pedagogic and science officials) passing under program supplement process and the programs acknowledgment occurring in Georgia. Most important issue of the process is inculcation of accreditation and estimation of the standards related to the European standards. Nino Chubinidze tells about degree administration service creating obligatory in every high school. That will be maintainer of program accreditation providing. Ministry of Education hosts to foreign competent consultants for the issue. One of them is Emmy Lezberg. Hosted by the Ministry of Education of Georgia officials, she launched her visit to Tbilisi State University (TSU), and maintains self- estimation documentation creating and self- estimation standards providing at TSU. For instance, Economy faculty will have to face its goal, for the market requirements investigation, also provide different sort of requirements and research works, specializations boarding is among the necessary tasks. Lezberg brought an instance of five or six concentrations providing like management or finance concentration and ect; at economy faculty including business –administration directions. That will give student opportunity for concentration choice making, for this not to be digressing form the European standards. Herewith, ought to be noted that the State University is no just blame way provides analyze in accordance with presented standards, but its prepared goals and tasks estimation and monitoring takes place, so general principles of standards and inoculation of attitude as the University yearly analyze agenda bears huge importance. TSU will have to program accreditation process passing in September- October of the current year. While reports of every six departments education process will be presented.
Presenting you the second, fourth and sixth standards, suggested by Mrs. Emmy Linzberg, which will base October report making.
The Second Standard
Prepare and debate over planning and estimation report
– Avoid yourself from any planning simply description: while planning focus includes just couple paragraphs concerning planning or any other enforce, reader will hardly imagine planning issue: what is general planning and how relatively integrated divide sort of pans (strategic, outfit, academy and finance).
– Note (and briefly overview if necessary) planning based main resolutions (researches following maintain, new programs suggestion and ect)
– How is pre-planning deal succeeding? Was it basically directed to the institutional effectiveness improvement?
– The same time you sent for planning issues spent for estimation issues talks, how the plan is effective? You may bring confirmations form researches, programs` overview, outside auditors and hosted commissioners’ reports, ect;
– Put enough information concerning estimation. Outline several dates of estimation and next actions—so you will note just “done estimation”, point out at researches, approachable for the accreditation expert team (at their office)
– Avoid following statements making: ”participatory” planning, or “system” planning, show its reality.
Talk about use of estimation –who and how uses it? Talk about after-research deal supplements at the institute.
Examine a chapter:
1. Did you face or not how are the institutional planning separate aspects are integrated?
2. Did you outline or not the usefulness and effectiveness of the planning?
3. How related is institutional planning deal and the opportunities including goals and tasks keeping as in classrooms so outwards.
4. Do you involve samples of estimation – including the results, influenced on institutional planning?
The Fourth Standard
Report preparing and discussing on education programs and academy staff
– The institute regularly researches students` education and their education program qualities and uses final results for their next improvement.
– The report ought to include every academic program suggested by the institute, but making reference on the program` s separate details while its discussing is also possible.
– Is the report goes the same way with each program and education means?
– Does its face institutional results, the knowledge got by the students helping the academic program concerned dates.
. Is the repot passes by the statement frames and does it include conclusions or enough number or examples?
. How is the report in accordance with planning and estimation report?
– Which exactly main changes realized inside the project, are the educating program standards elements directed to the academy staffers?
– What is the academy staffers role and responsibilities in accordance with instance mission?
– How effectively is professional developing faced, form one side, staff attitude towards institutionally suggested opportunities priority form the other hand, constant competition of the staffers, their professional generation as of the teachers, researchers and practical officials.
– If the report includes enough about academic staffers` issue.
The Sixth Standard
Report preparing and discussion concerning students and students maintain offices
The suggested service to the students, determined by it is mission, resources and students exclusiveness.
– Did the office determined concerning service for the students and how its effectiveness goes?
– Will the service be provided to the every student, despite of his (her) academic degree?
– Does the report` s first pages include students description, peculiarity and educating requirements discussion, for complete view performance concerning services and their effectiveness.
– Have you described how the institute creates its mission and goals for concerning intellectual development maintain?
– Have you clearly determined students` rights policy, is the information simply approachable and how effectively it works?
Master` s Program of Social Science Head and California State Accreditation Council expert James Trenig touched the same issue, presented at the University for degree ensuring officers, concerning program accreditation, based on social work of master ` s program instance. The program aims general information presenting concerning program accreditation with U.S experts participating.
Mr. Trening talked about social works accreditation and the program` s current condition.
He reported about concerning standard of any program accreditation. There are two international organizations in the case of social work accreditation: Organization of Social Officers, International Federation, International Associations of Social Work Collage and U.S. Education Council of Social Works. International Social Officers Associations have their own definition on social work: social work providing assists social changes, and resolves problem of human life, provides plenipotentiary and social systems development. Social work influences on the human and environment relationship, and underlines human rights defense fact. Social work includes basis first term, and the second year of concentration. The first year includes main basis curriculum teaching, concerning one ` s behavior in social environment, social researches, social politics and social works basically. Social works mean utilization profession. Despite, it` s just on scholar coefficient based, human rights and justifiability principles definition remains basic. The program needs estimation criteria in the case of accreditation providing, So, influence level of the program and its consequences ought to be determined, social work curriculum should be influence one on the globalization, when we need influence of the result, program` s influence on the direction is ought to be determined. For instance, Tbilisi State University graduators must be able knowledge transferee of at any country. Social and non –social officers ought to be extremely separated, the program ` s idea should include social officers grow, being different form social officers. While the program creation necessary points for the country were outlined –administration and managing, the central point of the program is preparation of leaders and managers. According to social work structure, special theory courses passing give opportunity of theoretical education receiving, running practice and students` capacity training. Theoretical knowledge use in practice by the students ought to be outlined while the estimation providing. The program has determined mission, goals and tasks. Standards of accreditation include different requirements, to be satisfied by the program mission. All the necessary issues and goals of the program ought to be determined. Basis year includes twelve aims, one is critical thinking development The second year of the program is the year of concentration, the program includes headlines of the year, as for instance –family violence, trafficking and ect Prepared courses include basic principles. Curriculums include social works ethic and main principles. Each course of the program should serve defined goals and tasks, and deep necessary capacities
Tbilisi State University, Degree Administration Head, Mrs. Irina Darchia reported that Tbilisi State University, Degree Administration Office, founded system of professors attendance on lectures noting, based on program supplement service, students inquiry and estimation system is among the innovations, bearing importance according to accreditation standards, because appearing preferable issue for lectures quality monitoring and after amendments making. But syllabuses and entire programs correction is under the way at same time. Review of the program goes on the faculty level for yet, the results will be sent abroad after inter- agreement making. For instance, economy faculty collaborators reviewing the program, and the results, according to inter-cooperation memorandum, will be sent to George Washington University for the program next review. The steps give hope of Georgia high schools current programs making relevant to the Europeans` in one or two years period of time. With the aim of European standards and “No –how” foundation, masters united creation is under the way with foreign experts involvement. Caucasian Business School was created at the University, where world-leading economists are working, the program creation took place under European, US business –bachelor and MBA programs. The bachelor discusses tourism international aprobated programs.
But there are problems despite. The university sharply suffers from professors` sufficiency problem, technical issue need immediate resolve and students supplement with books. Doctorship, as the education third step foundation issue late. Academic Council made frame- statement for the doctorship faculties, but the program coming into action is hindering from the faculties.
Problem of publication keeps serious. According to many believes, the publications may be considered as scientific just while their publishing in foreign refer magazines, infect- factor magazines, issuing many other articles concerning jurisprudence, economics, social issue and ect) Just ones of Georgia professors have their own publications in the named magazines. Many opponents tell about doctorship program artificially way complicated, because its duration schedules three years, including to difficult steps, what will complex attraction of young people for the education third level. Doctorship staff problem appears clear form the angle of business administration issue, because business administration doctorship does not include scientific research workshop maintain and rightly directed to business advancing, what is problematic issue because of market` s current condition. Current programs and syllabuses improvement stays among the difficultness, because it` s disheveled in time and will last for two or three years. But the world essay faces program able to be created in six month, because it needs adaptation.
The other case is professor` s to hard loading, 1750 hours fulfill is a difficult task for any professor, because the lecture being creative process, that means the high level lecture preparation can not be actually combined with hard loading, so their loading and subjects reduction is necessary issue.
One of the basic issue is curriculums quality and their relevant to the European standards. The problem remains unclear in the University, because American and European education systems extremely isolation. Bologna Process is absolutely European one, so controversy aspects at Tbilisi State University is a frequent deal. For instance, Bologna process includes 15 week long educating process, but TSU 18 weeks. Books problems are related to foreign books translation and local books using. Unfortunately the students have no opportunity of running practice and University suffers material –technical low level, developing of needs serious investitions boost, after all the issues resolve Tbilisi State University will gain opportunity of serious pretension making concerning program accreditation issue.