About business and social-economic aspects of Coca-Cola while hi-tech epoch

Emzar Jgerenaia

New “Tribute Fund” of Coca- Cola and Georgian care about people, jobbers, young and socially defendless people.

Intense heat came at last! I guess summer started and musty people (of recent spring rains) appeared in the streets. They felt thirsty in such hot weather and nervously seeking for fresh and cool drinks. Recent times have been passed already-when you could came across the boxes after every step seemed like gipsy camps. One could see juts what not while walking though the dirty streets, drink something, eat fifty-tetri Khachapuri or one lari and fifty tetri Hamburger, a fish caught in 1907 and smoked in 1939 with beer colored alcohol mixed water (this is most actual ingredients and most clandestine) and could just have a real dinner while walking to the underground. But now? Everything is cleaned and sparkling now and the street has lost its attraction. Tired or tired dreamer Tbilisi citizens dragging to the underground yawningly, no news, what can they just do?!
Oh, just wait! Oh, miracle, God will not let himself doom for the tedium whitewashed person like linen in the street. There is a new box, just the box, like dressed to kill sparkle eyes betrothed form Imereti region, known color of Coca-Cola and strange shady expression. I remembered bulletin of the National Bank of Georgia reporting about high- tech achievements of monetary business we provided issuing of one lari coin (but the coin is really cool designed and valued) and gave Coca-Cola ability of automated machines placing in the streets. God will bless you! Have a glory tortured worker! So, they placed such sort of machine at the corner of Belinsky street, 200 meters long from the underground. Time of some sweets having have come. I found one lari coin trembling and dropped into the mysterious section regretted, following the instruction, pushed a finger on concerning bottle and impatiently expected, but in vain. I remembered words of Vazha-Pshavela – “expectation of mountains is endless”, that gave me strength; one more thirsty suffered citizen came and repeated the same process, stood next to me and waited, but also in vain. We begged the automat: do not kill us thirsty but it did not gave out no one bottle of Coca- Cola. There was mobile phone numbers and a prescription, something like –phone in the case of hardships and we will come immediately. We phoned number with huge hope, planning to ask for a help, the answer was that they were just for the issue there and be at the place soon. We phoned back in ten minutes and the pone was already disconnected, we phoned on the other number were told the same and its appeared being disconnected also, we phoned on the city number newly drunk “Espresso” and “Bonaqua” lady responded, not to disturb and pledged investigating of the occurred and report about after. We disconnected the phone with hope and remembered after: where she was going to report us about, she did not just ask a telephone number and where she could phone us? While wipe sweating from my face I suddenly heard cynical laugh of a lady, turned back and saw live flowers and land seller, looking at me with screw up eyes-do not sorry, the deuce take him, the automat bolts the coins and gives out no one bottle of Coca-Cola, she said. The officials come in the evening, take out coins, laugh and go back gladly. They do not answer the phone because caring about your health condition, the other said: no Cola-Cola established a tribute fund that way.
I grow torpid, as they told about health I thought, maybe the automat has special sensor which was informed about my diabetes and does not give any Coca- Cola (the techniques facing real progress, I looked at my suffered friend with fear and he turned out also to be plump and maybe he was forbidden to drink sweet), the third person was thin, but maybe he just maintained tribute in the corner of Belinsky street. Now I understand meaning of the words about putting the street into order –Coca- Cola become needy and receives tribute or cares about our health, not to cold our throats, sugar level not to be raisin in the organisms and not to put weight. Not indeed, my hot tortured but respectable readers, get knowledge about your category first, before pulling little coin into the magic box.
Automat will not give Cola,
Complain Mullah,
Or give tribute Bobola,
Do not take debt,
Do not pay Gel
You will receive no “Bonaqua” water,
Do not turmoil,
Do not ask for coin,
Do not fall into the cavil,
Dot not phone on the phone,
You will win to the Coca-Cola army?
Go back to the life calmly,
Drink the water somewhere,
Auto-bandit stands in the street,
Do not imitate him,
Move on in the street,
Back to the home without hit,
Do not seek for the justice,
Do not gain Coca-Cola debt,
Do not check the blame,
Do not feel obscenity,
Automat is caring,
Do not lose a second just,
Swallowed? Devil may cares!
Calm down with no care!
But just imagine the high-tech, Coca-Cola cares about us very, how it was informed about my diabetes and I was plump? But now I got knowledge about socially oriented business-aspects… that`s really cool! But do not tribute any Gel despite.
Emzar Jgerenaia