Did Humans evolve form monkeys’ ancestor or vice versa?

Emzar Jgerenaia

I never think about the future.’
Albert Einstein
‘There is no sin except stupidity.’
Oscar Wilde

I have been wondering about the question since childhood – have we really evolved from monkeys, or what was the greatest sin on earth? The very first book that I came across after ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and Gulliver’s travel was ‘Evolution’ by Charles Darwin (green cover appealed to me). To tell you the truth, it seemed really complicated to me and I found it rather difficult to read. Probably that is why I remember it so bitterly. Yet the question – did we really evaluate from monkeys – constantly worried me. Why are we so cynical, so cruel towards our generation? We are ready to sacrifice humanity for business and money. Do we have it from monkeys? On the other hand a monkey directly says what it wants, it’s honest and straightforward. We have consciousness, we think of democracy, market economy, free economy, competition on market, freedom and thousands of other nonsense. However, the world economy has never ever been as undemocratic and depended before. Everything is regulated by them – G8. Probably this cheat is for low developed economies, so that they increase resources and offer their rules of game to developing countries on behalf of democracy and human rights. Everything belongs to strategic interests and if you are not included in it, then you have problems. Did we really get this kind of thing from monkey??? I have made up my mind to visit the author of the idea- Darwin in this hot month of July in Westminster Abbey. Therefore, I asked him to answer several questions. He preferred to keep silence – leave me alone, I changed my mind, it was just a joke – he said. Go and ask gorilla, see how noble it is. So, I moved to London zoo. Gorilla was lying in a shadow, it kept it shaggy hands under its head (its hand was covered by hair, just like Alazani Valley if covered by forest). Gorilla was string at cloudy London sky with its amazing sad eyes. Gorilla was thinking, probably about bright future of human beings, protecting labor masses and leading English nobility being forgotten by Gordon Brown administration.
It looked like a human being – with its hands, legs, body, face, sexual lips and particularly attractive back. I had never seen gorilla before and never thought it would resemble a human being so much. The fact does not even require Darwin and theories – it is just a copy. All this reminded me of an old joke: USSR era, perestroika, era of transition began. Lion arranged a meeting in a forest (or in London zoo, it does not matter) and announced to animals: we need to be transmitted, it is a government’s request, as there is a perestroika. Everyone agreed except for a monkey. Why are you against? – asked the lion. If I change, I’ll turn into a human being. And when I become a human, I need to keep my family. It means that I need to act like a monkey and turn back into a monkey. So what’s the sense? – answered a monkey.
Therefore a human being is a monkey that began to act like a monkey. That’s right!
Gorilla was a real copy of a human being, although it seemed to be calmer, honest, more considerate towards its friends and more knightly. Well, I did not doubt about anything. Bus since I was already there, I made up my mind to ask – where did we humans evaluate from? It gazed at me with a gloomy sight (it seemed to be worried about human’s behavior and future). The look was hypnotizing; it moved me to the Mesozoic era for an instant and I imagined gorilla as an owner of the universe. As it was late in answering, I decided to offer it a bribe (People like it very much, although they call it an interest: strategic or private) and threw a banana to it. Gorilla awkwardly threw it back to me as though it was telling – I am not a beggar. Take it to the guys round Gmirta Moedani (square in Tbilisi) in zoo, they are starving to death. I eat pudding and Ceasar Salad here, you idiot. I can’t have a sober look at you, humans, so I drink 2 bottles of whisky every day. As I reminded the question it pointed with its dark black eyes – leave me alone, go away from here. We look like each other cynically, but as for internal features . . . ‘look at our noble society’ it said and pointed to its friend lying nearby, that never cared about future and never knew that a stupidity is the greatest sin in the world. ‘No, that doesn’t seem to be truth’, said gorilla, it looks like a Darwin’s silly story… right over here; a very clever man lies in his tomb. He lived right in that period of time.
You can hardly believe it, but gorilla advised to go and ask it to Marx. So, I moved up, round Swedish cottages and visited Mr. Marx in a beautiful garden asking – what did you want from us? Why did you kept on speaking about communism and labor theory of values?
He laughed a lot when he found out where I was from – ‘I was constantly stating it is forbidden to adjust the system to this crazy country’, he said- ‘however nobody believed me. These mad men came and attached it to you – Lenin and German security service. So go and ask him. As for Darwin, we all thought alike by that time. Although as time passes monkey becomes more and more noble. You destroy everything human – neither theory can survive, not time. Today Malthus’ population theory is most active. You have a potential to increase rapidly and life becomes harder. As for value, humans create supply and demand again, just as they used to do it before. You have deleted me from a list, but I am next to Adam Smith and David Ricardo in London. Don’t blame me for the fact that you don not like Economics and theory’.
We blame you? – I asked being astonished – you have destroyed us with your theories so that even today lots of Georgian economist and politicians mean Marxism while talking about market economy together with state monopolization over free competitive environment and state regulation of socialism. So, who do you suggest to blame for this? You are lying here, in the centre of London and enjoy yourself in the capital of the world capitalism. You should better ask us?! – said I desperately.
What’s the matter? – Asked Marx nervously. I told him everything!!!… and he turned over in his grave.
So I left, I had no other way out… I was walking down a street. It was a quiet summer evening in London and I was still thinking by myself – do you think humans evolved form monkey’s ancestor or vice versa?
And which is the greatest sin on the earth?
Emzar Jgerenaia
London, July 2008