How Cicero evaluated modern Georgian situation and why crisis doesn’t want to talk with us

Professor Emzar Jgeneraia 

“I would make mistake together with Plato rather than arrive at the truth with modern Greeks (experts)” 
      When the hostility appeared between Pompeii and Cesar Cicero said then: “I know whom I should ran away from, but I do not know where to”. 
      Every one of us is a sinner. These words seem more topical during Easter time. That is why we keep the fast so carefully, we are happy of confession and forgiving of our sins. We have hope of Easter. Spring and scattered rain are mixed with political-economical dirt. That is why I recalled Cicero and Plutarch. Two things existed always – search for the truth and the experts seeking for it. People were always claiming that thinkers know nothing either in economics or politics. People did not like them, but at the same time they did not know what would be better. On the other hand, Plato always will be old former philosopher for these experts, while Suliko Bugalashvili is a prospective genius. Earth is strong and it can bear even such things so that it doesn’t break except of rare cases. Moreover it gets used to such gibberish and the vaguer it is the more it bears. It says – you see, he is talented; so what if he has not got such logical mind as Cicero and it is not clear what he says. The main things are tone, phrase and absurd demagogy. One year they are economic experts; then they get bored of it and become political experts. In the future if they have time they might try a chance in show business or in religion or become writers. So what if they write nothing. Writing is not necessary at all; they can be writers without writing. They might not receive Tsero award, but they do not bother. Can one be a professor-economist, doctor and expert and write nothing? Of course! We do not want to be economic experts; there is no demand for them at the market and thus one should become political expert or a writer. In principle these two things are the same. There have been many talks about one thing – when world and local crisis will be finished and what will be its consequences? Opinion is divided into three directions: first – the president saying that in autumn we will know the length of a snake and its full scale; second – European; Europeans do not know what is going to happen, but they have some hopes; third – Chinese; Chinese are praying for prolongation of crisis; If Europeans know where are they running to and they are deeply concerned as always, Chinese exactly know where are they going and as Rome’s great commander would say – rising star has more followers than that of setting. The country of rising sun China is in the same situation. We are not classified yet. We do not speak about crisis and do not recognize it. Therefore, crisis is angry with us and it doesn’t visit us. It is stubborn you know. It doesn’t like our cold reception. You do not appreciate me, so I will not visit you! So we are left without crisis and economic experts are left without jobs. There is big demand on political experts in the market. Journalists are asking you: what type of experts you are. You can choose the one that is popular. Inter alia, crisis has heard of this and it became indignant: Who should study my behavior and character together with my cause-effect hereditary connections with my ancestors? This is a case sensitive and demands serious expert research. As all the experts and government are involved in politics and have no time for economy, I will not visit Georgia. 
      So crisis is angry with us and it left us without ratings. The country which is mad of ratings and nobody is aware the names of these ratings. However, the history will know it and future generation will be deeply concerned due to our achievements or failures. We were included in any list or rating and we were proud of it. We have nothing in economy – neither currency export profit nor investments, neither industrial growth nor employment. However, we are included in the ratings?! For instance, we could be the most indifferent country to crisis or the country that frightened crisis itself. Everything is possible, but crisis is not visiting us. It is angry with Georgia, with its economy and experts. Crisis is standing behind the door and doesn’t know what to do or where to go. We are at a deadlock. Neither crisis, nor experts and ratings. 
       It is a heavy Easter and we are expecting summer with deep concern. One thing bothers me – Plato is a philosopher or former philosopher?