How Caucasus Online became Caucasus Offline in Georgia and Why women are dominating in world economy

Emzar Jgerenaia

I have never thought that economists would have nothing to do, but to discuss the Nobel prize in research of management processes of American 76 years old Eleanor Ostrom and 77 years old Olivier Williams.

First time in a history, woman became a Nobel Prize laureate in economics and this happened, in the times when people of such age are not allowed to enter Higher Universities in Georgia. The most important is the fact that Nobel Prize juries were ashamed to award the prize to economists and thus they awarded political scientist on the subject – “management of communities: evolution of the institution of collective actions”.
It should be noted that none of the world’s separate states managed to overcome the current crisis alone and thus they are trying to defeat the crisis with joint forces and are establishing kolkhoz type unions like Big Twenty. I.e. economists have become disabled people and they are not able to act without state intervention and they were right when they closed the door to Nobel Prizes for economists.
Soros and Buffett are declaring that they have no idea what kind of new world should we expect. It is of common knowledge that the world somehow continues existing. Economists resemble fortune tellers – they are not sure in anything and speak only with assumptions.
For instance, while fundamentally analyzing macroeconomics of Georgia, none of celebrated rating agencies, like Standard&Poors or Moody’s, that are attentively scrutinizing our country, moreover, even the World Bank, which is indulging us with ratings, knew what to do and thus decided to establish the new index of technical analysis – level and freedom of internet space in a country.
By the way, it should be noted (it’s unbelievable) that Belorussia in holding the third place by doing business, according to the World Bank’s rating. Lukashenko has been recognized as the father of economic reforms. Experts (not economists) declare that firm might be founded in Belorussia with just one call or SMS. It doesn’t matter that everything, started from vodka and finished with groceries, are monopolized. Kolkhoz is a normal part of ordinary rural life and one cannot enter market without permission of “father”. However, rating is doubtless. (Source: World Bank).
Let’s return to the theme of internet space quality and freedom. Georgia is holding the last but one place in this sector. Why? Because, there is only one monopolist in Georgia – Caucasus “Offline”. It did not expect having such a large number of consumers. Why constantly feasting Georgians would care about internet? At the same time, new internet connection – GE-Link is not regulated… and Caucasus has spent so heavily that now it cannot pay the debt of another monopolist in the country – Georgian Telecom. By the way, the last should have no right to be internet provider as it is the owner of the cables in Georgia. However, it desires to be the first monopolist in the country. So, the big muddle started… Caucasus Online almost stopped working and Tbilisi was left without internet in XXI century. That’s how Georgia became leader of the offline rating.
It is unbearable to hear this. I went out. Golden October was comforting and telling me not to worry. We should have bad ratings also. Yes, it’s true that we do not have internet now, but we will manage to fix this too. Sooner or later, offline becomes online, this is Georgian character of cyclic development of economy.
They have never thought that so many Georgians would consume internet. Caucasus has not studied calculation of demand-supply and GE-Link passability at the University and it hung. Now, you see the reasons. We are hung.
We should learn management of the community; economists should trust women and politicians. We can comfort ourselves that we have offline, while others may even have no online.
TSU Professor Emzar Jgerenaia
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