Chronology and results of Georgia’s membership in World Trade organization

Gela Aladashvili

The chronology of Georgia’s membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) is considered in the work. Georgia’s entry into WTO was a prolonged process that lasted from 1994 to June 14, 2000, when Georgia became the 137th full-fledged member of WTO. The organizations, that made a big contribution into acceleration of the process of Georgia’s entry into WTO, are mentioned in the work.

Attention is paid to those positive results that Georgia will have after becoming a WTO member. Among these results granting to Georgia of trade preferences on the part of the developed countries occupies a highly important place. The status of preference beneficiary, which was awarded to Georgia, is given to another thirty countries, fifteen of which are members of the European Union.
In case of meeting the given conditions, the developed countries confer privileges of the general system of preferences to the developing countries. However, a country or a territory of the general system of preferences can be expelled from the beneficiary list.
It is noted in the conclusive part that Georgia’s entry into WTO is not a panacea for overcoming the economic difficulties, successful entry into foreign markets, and provision of sustainable development. Membership in the WTO is just a tool for achieving these goals.