Important Acquisition of Economic Society

Elguja Meqvabishvili

On November 2, in Gogichaishvli auditorium of Tbilisi State University’s high-rise building, under the guidance of Georgian Economists Association, there took place a presentation-consideration of economy encyclopedia.

Its authors and compilers are professors: Avtandil Silagadze, Givi Goshadze, Vladimer Zurabishvili, Tengiz Demetrashvili, senior teacher Tamar Atanelishvili, under the general editorship of Corresponding Member of Georgian Academy of Sciences – Avtandil Silagadze. Tbilisi State University publishers, publishing house “Inovatsia”. (Tbilisi 2005).
Professor, Corresponding Member of Georgian Academy of Sciences – L.Chikava, professors: M. Jibuti, E. Mekvabishvili, R. Kakulia, R.Gogokhia, Sh. Kistauri, T. Chikvaidze took part in the consideration.
It was pointed out that publishing of the fundamental work is, beyond doubt, is an important event not only for economic science, but for intellectual life of Georgian society as well.
The speakers paid attention to the circumstance that the above-mentioned book is a natural result of prolonged scientific work of professor Silagadze, and it was preceded by several works. In particular: “Economic Dictionary” in the volume of 45 publishing sheets, “Accounting Dictionary”, “Learned Economists, Doctors of Economic Science in Georgia”, “Economists – Nobel Prize Winners”.
In consumers’ opinion, it can be considered as the work’s merit that a study is given in it. In particular, based on studying archive materials and questionnaire inquiry, the names of those economists have been revived who, because of vicissitudes of fate, were quite forgotten by the society. Along with them there given short biographies of almost all present doctors of economic science, with indication of their main works. It can be said that from this point of view the book has no analogues in other fields of science. Encyclopedia was written based on not only Georgian, but also German, English, and Russian sources, which gave the authors an opportunity to give maximum exact explanations to economic notions.
In the speakers opinion, especially interesting and of big practical value is the cognitive part of the work giving information about the territories of the world’s countries, their population, official language, monetary unit, and state structure.
It was pointed out that economic dictionary of such volume (more than 10 thousand notions) has not been published in Georgia so far, and it underwent approbation-editing at scientific terminological department of A. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics. At the presentation-consideration a wish concerning continuation of work in this direction under the leadership of A.Silagadze, and publishing in Georgia of the first encyclopedia was expressed.
In his speech, the chief editor of the book – professor Silagadze thanked the speakers for a high appraisal of his book, and presented “Economic Encyclopedia” to two best students of Economy and Business Department.
“Economic Encyclopedia” is really a handbook for economists: scientists, pedagogues, post-graduate students, students, and practical workers, as well as for any readers taking interest in economic issues.
Professor Elguja Mekvabishvili