Tbilisi State University Deserves Proper Faculty of Economics and Business


We interviewed TSU Business and Economic faculty Dean Adviser, International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) founders` council member Jochen Zimmermann about the faculty ongoing reforms.

–You are Dean Adviser of Tbilisi State University faculty of Economics and Business. What are your plans? And what is current condition at the faculty?
–We have our goals on business and economic programs. Tbilisi State University deserves proper faculty of economics and business because it is leading faculty of the university and every stays on the same opinion. We wish provide international level education also for new students. So we are going observe enrolment exams and make especial reference on foreign language knowledge. Our plan includes 150 best students team separation which will be reimbursed by the west standards. Bachelor ` s (BA) degree receiving is absolutely possible in foreign language. This model will assist business relationships proving and future businessmen closing. Everything together is not able to be achieved but we gradually handled during 3- 4years period. Jointing and reduction of specialization in under the way at faculties aiming orientation and direction strict determining. After the issues providing we `ll determine the next steps. Degree level up shows us number of good and motivated students in Georgia and I would like advice them right direction.
–Changes at TSU faculty of Business and Economics go according to Bologna process –programs, syllabuses, curriculums and models changing. Are you informed about ongoing condition and what is your estimation of the issue?
–I would like to outline, that the right direction is already determined and we will maintain this process hasting. We schedule programs and curriculums creation for bachelors in 2 years. German Agency of Accreditation collaborates with German, Austria, U.S. and India high –school programs and each one is Bologna process based. I can tell you that the faculty has it` s half path conceding this issue. Faculty representatives try their best in the direction. Resolution on bachelor specializations foundation and basic models creating are necessary, but it should be noted that several people rejecting the reforms providing.
–A little bit about yourself, how do you like Georgia?
–I launch my visits to Georgia science 1999, so know this country quite well. While my first visit to this country we signed up agreement on TSU and Birmingham University press- collaboration. Four deans of TSU faculty of Business and Economics have been changed while my visits to Georgia and lots of positive changes have been occurred here. I have visited Kakheti region and ski resting places. I am very impressed with Georgian wine quality improvement and I see really huge progress. You have wonderful students and now need improvement of technologies, that will positively effect on your wine quality and living level.
Open House at International School at Tbilisi State University (ISET):
Among foreign languages Master programs (MA) in Georgia (basically high rates) is really big competitiveness. Bachelors believe that graduating from foreign language (English) expansive and elite MA will provide their career and high profitable job.
Open house of ISET was held in TSU at Ivane Javakhishvili Hall on June 22. In late 2005, already dead Prime –Minister Zurab Zhvania requested assistance from the World Bank and other donors to created modern graduate school of economics in Georgia. That way International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (ISET) was founded opening its doors in fall for 2007 -2008 academic years.
The Mission of the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University is to provide economic education and research at the highest level for the benefit of the public and private sectors in the South Caucasus countries. The International School of Economics at TSU is committed to building a sustainable economics community that can represent the South Caucasus countries in the international economics profession. In 2007 enrollment exams will be provided at the same time in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. The firs exams will be passed in math and English. And the best student will be hosted for training courses, scheduled to be hold in Georgia. While training courses Armenia and Azerbaijan citizen students while receive free living apartment and 100 dollars reimburse, and will pass enrollment exams after.
One year payment includes USD 8 000. Best students will receive 100 % or 80% and 50 % reimburse from international donors and absolutely free of payment. Azerbaijan and Armenia citizen student will be supplied with living apartments.
. First year: macro/micro/statistics/econometrics and math fro economics;
. Second year: research methods and workshops in (practice) determined sphere, micro and macro economic high level;
. All courses providing on English language by skilled international professors of best foreign universities.