Council of Erudite Experts to Be Canceled


According to the law on high education, amendments have been made concerning third stage of educating system.

The recent tuition for high education was 5 academic years; and post –graduate studentship –3 academic years.
There was two stages and Council of Erudite Experts enforced by the President of the country, “rule of scientific degree awarding in Georgia”.
Also “scientific pedagogical title awarding in Georgia”. Both documents canceled according to June 4 No: 341 order. Mentioning annul of centralize state branch of the direction and aiming thesis commission and doctorate institute to be created by faculty members involving them into the commission, according to law on education. Maintain scheduled to be held according to the council confirmed statements and PhD title also will be confirmed by the council.
Three stage education system cycle includes following:
Bachelor (BSc/ BA) – 4 years
Master (MSc/ MA) – 2 years
Doctor (PhD) – 3-5 years
Overview of Tbilisi State University Economy and Business Faculty Doctorship Council statement.
Academy Council of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Statement #23
On Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Economy and Business Faculty Thesis Council statement confirmation.
Thesis Council statement of Tbilisi State University, Economy and Business Faculty to be confirmed (enclosure 1)
Background: Presentation of Economy and Business Faculty Council.
Giorgi Khubua
Academy Council Chairman

Georgian Government
Resolution No: 107
802, May, 23, 2007, Tbilisi
On Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia state sub- instance branch –Council of Erudite Experts annulling.
1. According to Georgian law No 25, purview 2, on “Georgian government status, plenipotentiary and activity rule”, Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia sub –instance branch –Council of Erudite Experts to be liquidated.
2. Ministry of Education and Science (A. Lomaia) to maintain correspondence arrangements providing for liquidating of Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia sub –instance branch –Council of Erudite Experts in a month period according to legislation.
3. Activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia sub –instance branch –Council of Erudite Experts after its liquidation to be succeeded by the Ministry of Education and Science.
4. The statement to be immediately enforced.
Zurab Noghaideli

Statement of the President of Georgia No: 341
843, June 4, 2007, Tbilisi
On canceling several statements Of the President of Georgia
1. According to General Administrative Code of Georgia, purview No: 61 and Code of Georgia on “Normative Acts” purview No: 50, paragraph No: 4, to be canceled:
a) Statement of the President of Georgia No 316, June 28, 2003 on “Regulations and Directions of “Science Degrees Awarding Rule in Georgia”;
b) Statement of the President of Georgia No: 318, June 28, 2003, on “Regulations and Directions Enforcement of Science –Pedagogy Titles Confirmation in Georgia”.
2. The statement to be immediately enforced.
Mikheil Saakashvili

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Economy and
Business Faculty Thesis Council Statement
I. General statements
1. Objectives
1.1. The statement provides maintain of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, economy and Business faculty doctorate programs and necessary process for academy degree of doctor confirmation, according to law of Georgia on “high education”.
1.2. PhD aims: intellectual generation of doctorant, academy and research resources closing, scientific works activation in the country and degree level up, integration of doctorante to the international scientific society, on the background of PhD` s programs.
2.1. Doctorate mentions third level of educating system, joint of education programs and scientific researches, aiming maintain of scientific staff preparation and finalized with academy degree of philosophy –PhD confirmation.
2.2. Doctorate includes educating and research components.
2.3. Doctorante is student studying at doctorate.
2.4. Doctor –highest academy degree confirmed on the doctorate graduator, following thesis maintain.
II. Rules of Enrollment to Doctorate
2. Right of Study
3.1. Studying at doctorate right has MA or its equalized academy degree having person.
3.2. International MA has absolute right of study at doctorate, according to Georgia law on “high education”, purview No: 50.
4. Conditions of Enrollment
4.1. Doctor applicant presents statement and inquired by commission appointed by thesis council.
4.2. Applicant should know one of foreign languages (English, German, French), at least on advanced level.
4.3. If applicant enters Georgian sector and Georgian is not his (her) mother -language, should present Georgian language certificate.
4.4. In the case of faculty thesis council approve, rector of the university releases individual administrative juridical act on enrolling to the doctorate. The resolution is also presented to the Educational Department of the University.
4.5. The university, doctorate and scientific head in two month time after enrolling sign up an agreement on every –side terms and engagements and rights. Part of agreement includes doctorante individual plan (DIP).
5. Statement
For enrolling to the Doctorate, doctor applicant presents statement on Thesis Council Chairman name, with attached:
. Curriculum Viate (CV)
. Copy of Diploma
. Original of foreign language certificate, and copy.
. Enact agreement of scientific head.
6. Scientific Head
6.1. Faculty provides doctor of studies head the doctorante, maintains research works providing, including substantiated theory or/and experimental results. Doctor has a right of scientific head selecting.
6.2. Scientific head should have research essay and publications related to the thesis theme of doctorante.
6.3. Scientific head may guidance at least three doctorants at the same time, pointed out in his (her) lecture and research load.
6.4. Scientific head controls over doctorante individual plan (DIP) fulfilling.
6.5. In the case of rejecting guidance of doctorante while any step of educating process, scientific head should present Thesis Council grounded statement.
III. Study at PhD
7. Duration and terms of taking exams
7.1. Doctorant is required to fulfill elements of curriculums, maintaining fundamental conceptions knowledge and capacity building.
7.2. Doctorante should collect at least 180 credits while educating and research process. Maximal duration of study is 5 years.
7.3. Doctorate educating component includes common amount of credits 1/3 (60 credits), left other 2/3 (120 credits) separated for research works providing.
7.4. Enroll announced for autumn term.
8. Education and research components of Doctorate
8.1. Education and research components of doctorate mentions branch and methodology perfection of doctorante.
8.2. Curriculums of doctorate program prepared by the Faculty Council and affirmed by the Academy Council of the University.
Curriculums include:
– Model of specific branch courses;
– Faculty model of basic scientific capacity building or separate courses (research methods and modes);
– Modern courses of education, involving in doctorante.
Doctorante has a right of courses selection related to his(her) theme out of suggested models.
8.3. Doctorante Research Individual Plan is determined by the head with an agreement of doctorante. Individual plan creation takes place for exact research project realization and deep the knowledge.
Individual Plan should include research goal, brief on thesis and research schedule.
9. Colloquium of Doctorante
9.1. Obligatory part while studying is colloquium of doctorante. Research results presentation, achievements and problems discussion takes place while colloquium.
9.2. Doctorante possesses duty to be presented with report at colloquium at least twice per year.
10. Doctorate Status Interrupting
Doctorante Status may be interrupted following Faculty Thesis Council resolution because of:
– Plagiarize or dates fake;
– Unfulfilled agreement of the University, doctorante and science head.
IV. Thesis Council
11. Faculty based Thesis Council is presents being responsible branch for academy degree confirmation.
12. Thesis Council includes all complete and associated professors of the faculty;
13. According to Thesis Council resolution, other persons of academy degree may join membership of the council, by the rule of the University statement;
14. Thesis Council Chairman is selected for tow years period via secret ballot of the members. The same Chairman may be appointed twice. The fist session before Chairman selecting leaded by faculty dean;
15. In the case of Thesis Council Chairman absence on the session council members’ majority selects the successor.
17.1. Thesis Council Sessions and Functions
17.1 Thesis Council makes resolutions while provided sessions. Thesis Council presents to be plenipotentiary while majority members attendance. The resolution enforced if was approved by 2/3 of attendees. Resolution making process is open ballot;
17.2. Report is made while any resolution of the Thesis Council, signed up by the Chairman and Secretary.
17.3. Thesis Council:
– Makes resolution on enrollment to the doctorate, thesis theme and head appointment;
– Appoints estimators and determines date of thesis maintain;
– Determines thesis utmost size, propose format and other technical dates;
– Confirms Thesis Commission;
– Awards academy degree of doctor, on the background of Thesis Commission conclusion.
18. Thesis Council Head:
– Calls on and leads Thesis Council sessions, at least once per term;
– Determines Thesis Commission;
– Maintains organization of colloquiums with an agreement of a faculty dean for doctorants.
– Ensures launching Thesis Council resolution on the University web site.
19 Thesis Council Secretary
19.1. Thesis Council Secretary, presented by the Chairman confirmed by the Thesis Council;
19.2. Secretary maintains organized work of the Thesis Council:
– Provides reports on Thesis Council sessions, in accordance with the University proceeding general rules;
– Assists Chairman in handling of organizational issues;
– Manages the Council Archive and proceeding;
– Provides consultations and supports doctorants while concerning documentation preparing before thesis maintain and after it.
V. Maintain Thesis and the Procedure
20. Thesis
20.1. Thesis should reflect grounded results of theory and/or experimental research, include scholar innovation and maintain development of the field.
In the case of doctorante being a member of any research team, thesis should clearly face his(her) part in the research.
20.2. Thesis should be written on Georgian language. Other language thesis maintaining issue resolved by the Faculty Thesis Council.
Thesis utmost size determined between 180 -200 pages (maximum 400 000 letters and signs), conclusion –10-12 pages, with attached content of used literature, paper size – /4; 12 font size to be used is necessary, AcadNusx font, with 1,5 line spacing, border lines: from left 3 cm, from right 1 cm, from top 2,5 cm and from bottom 2,5 cm.
21. Thesis Presentation
21.1. Doctorante presents printed thesis ( 4 bind copies) and discs to the Thesis Council;
21.2. Thesis is attached with explanation of doctorante concerning the thesis being written by himself (herself) and all the used sources appointed in accordance.
21.3. Scientific head of doctorante presents conclusion on readiness for public speech to the Thesis Council to be allowed on the maintain.
21.4. Before maintaining the thesis dissertant should have issued at least scientific publications, in reviewed magazines, two of them being run under international expertise.
21.5. Schedule of reviewed magazines suggested by the Thesis Council.
22. Thesis Preliminary Estimation
22.1. After the thesis presenting at least two outward estimators are separated by the Thesis Council.
22.2. Thesis estimation provided according to the conclusion of estimations. In the case of negatively estimation by more them half members, thesis won` t be admitted to be maintained.
22.3. In the case of negative estimation while two estimators, additional third one will be separated by the Thesis Council during ten days period.
22.4. Estimators should present their enacts no later then 2 month. Additional one month will be separated in the case of third estimator appointment.
22.5. Conclusion should include resolution on admitting the thesis to be maintained, returning it to doctorante with the goal of correction or rejecting. Unimportant notices should be taken into consideration for the blanks correcting.
22.6. In the case of thesis returning to the doctorante for to be corrected, it should be repeatedly presented in a year period. In the opposite one will not be allowed for maintaining.
22.7. The Thesis Council Chairman should deliver enact resolution of estimators to the doctorante. The massage should include date of maintain in the case of admitting.
Doctorante is given one month time from to be prepared from the massage receiving to the maintain date. Doctorante has a right getting the information on conclusion of estimators.
22.8. In the case of the thesis rejecting, rejected thesis and enacts pf estimators are been kept in the archive of the Thesis Council. Doctorante has a right of leading the documents.
23. Thesis Commission
23.1. The Thesis Commission is created before maintaining the thesis by the Thesis Council.
23.2. Commission is fine members (generally, commission membership is odd number), having absolute right of ballot.
23.3. Head and estimators have right of deliberative vote.
24. Thesis Maintain
24.1. Thesis is publically maintained.
24.2. Maintain is held on Georgian language, if no other amendments have been made by the Thesis Council.
24.3. The process included work presentation by doctorante, science debate and conclusion made by the Thesis Commission.
24.4 Each commission may receive no more then maintain of two theses, according to the Theory Council.
25. Thesis Estimation
25.1. Criteria of the thesis estimation are following:
– Actuality of researched issue;
– Correspondence level of researching methods; their accordance with the object of the research;
– Role of doctorante is the scholarship;
– Substation of the results to be practically realized.
25.2. Estimation of maintained thesis takes place while the Thesis Commission closed door session and open ballot, the report is prepared after this.
25.3. Thesis is not considered to be maintained in the case of being negatively estimated by the Thesis Commission majority. If it` s 50/50 the Thesis Council Chairman being conjunction the Thesis Commission Head brings out final resolution.
25.4. Estimation of thesis head and outward estimation considered with 2/3, but of the commission with –1/3.
25.3. Final estimation follows the following system:
Summa cum laude –excellent;
Mana cum laude –very good;
Cum laude –good;
Bene –middle;
Rite –satisfactory;
Insurfficienter –non –satisfactory;
Sub omni canone –absolutely non –satisfactory;
25.5. The Thesis Commission Head verbally reports doctorante grounded resolution made by the Commission.
25.6. In the case of thesis negatively estimation by the Commission, maintain is permitted in a year period.
25.7. Announcement of doctorante on repeated maintain the thesis should be presented to the Thesis Council is a month period.
26. Degree Confirmation
26.1. Academy degree of doctor is confirmed by the Faculty Thesis Council.
26.2. Diploma is given out after the thesis publishing no lasted then one month
26.3. Diploma includes entitle of the thesis, maintain date and common estimation. Diploma is signed up by the Thesis Council Chairman, faculty dean, rector of the University and confirmed and asserted with the University seal.
26.4. Copy of diploma is kept at the archive of the University.
27. Issue of Thesis
Doctorante possesses duty of issuing published of online version of the thesis in three month period after maintain of thesis. In the opposite will not have right of receiving diploma of academy degree of doctor
28. Academy degree of Doctor Abortion
Academy degree of doctor aborted according to the Faculty Thesis Council resolution in the case of academy honesty breaching, incorrect dates of thesis proceeding issue.
VI. Doctorate with the Participation of Partner University
29. Agreement on doctorate program realization
Realization of doctorate program with participation of partner university handled according to the agreement on collaboration and doctorate.
30. Statement on Permitting to the Doctorate
30.1. In the case of partner university participation, doctorate applicant should meet requirements of both universities.
30.2. The statements with attached documents should include agreement of partner university concerning professor on theme guidance.
31. Head of Doctorante
31.1. In the case of partner university participation, guidance of thesis should be provided by professors of both sides. Conclusion of both heads bears obligatory and one of to attend the maintaining process.
31.2. If proceeding basically provided at partner university, it` s conditions on doctorate are used.
32. Document on Academy Degree of Doctor
Document on academy degree of doctor is given out by the university the thesis was maintained with the directives on partner university.
33. Language of Thesis Presentation and Maintain
Thesis should be presented on Georgian language and partner university working language, the came condition goes while maintain.
VII. Financing
34. Doctorante receives state grants, university financing, remittances, tributes and also self- financed.
VIII. Transitive Statements
35. For receiving academy degree of doctor all the applicant should meet as least minimal requirements.
36 Enrolled applicants having passed exams in minor subjects or/ and passed probation, are free of minor credits. Presentation and maintain of thesis is provided according to minimal standards. Two of three published articles should receive international review.
37. Applicants which have provided researches and have not pass minor exams present and maintain thesis according to statement conditions, if they collect enough credit scores.
38. Applicants of the research institutes having agreement with the university, become doctors according to purview No; 35 of the paragraph.

What are the created problems?
1. Who will announce enrollment to doctorate and who will separate positions?
2. What will occur wish doctorants not able maintain thesis till December 31, 2006;
3. What will be the enrollment rules and foreign language study issues;
4. How science publications issue will be resolved;
5. What will cost a course of doctorate and will it be attractive for successful bachelors;
6. Doctorante, maintaining thesis will be future professor of pedagogue or not? What is the harmony of research and study components and what are the expectations from the third level of education?
These are request of the society expecting for the responses.
We face materials of the west counties on publication –which is science publication and magazine, including issuing rule of Impact Factor, its ups and downs, rules of publications at leading universities and requirements to be met by doctorante.