“Sakartvelos Ekonomika” Celebrates Ten Years Anniversary


“Sakartvelos Ekonomika” magazine celebrates ten years of existence in media space. Remembering the whole period I can not just believe this. Georgia had no essay in releasing any economic magazines (not talking about small format post-soviet magazines), but generally no essay in magazines publishing.

We were the first, and maybe it`s our deserve that today`s market is so various. It was very hard to say strong words in such difficult sphere as economy is. People use to complain of difficult condition but do not like exact competent debate on the most important issues of economics; moreover, most of them do not like to hear truth.
Science the creation of the world, till today, humanity annex is a fan of fairy – tail-one will come from mystery and resolve all the problems swinging a magic stick, so it` not interesting to think, and it`s rather interesting hearing or reading articles about lives of others – who and how treasons, which famous person kissed whom, and what kind of underwear one has put on, which bull-headed killed parents with knife or who won a million in lottery. So, we watch soap operas and day by day waiting for news about death of unknown yet, but wealthy relative, which will leave rich heredity, as it used to be in soap operas, and already virtually schedule money spending. It`s easier living in virtual world, then in existed paradigm – economic space. You know how hard is keeping solid positions in this exact sector. No, I am not complaining, we could really do something. Ten years is not a small period, I have seen “sun rise” and “sun set” of many magazines, making basic reference on polygraph and colors, but we always accentuated on competence and reality. For the economy of Georgia this was period of serious metamorphose, as from legislation, normative, business and property angle, as well as mentally. Mentality always hard and painful to be changed. Besides, all these were not easy to be apprehended by out scholar economists. Several days ago one phoned me from “internet security”, this is the organization providing the west businessmen and scholars (especially in U.S) with information, creates dates of base about economics of developing counties. I had serious debate about what they were exactly interested about our magazine, and what was the interest of the west economic world.
Internet Security is “Euromoney” team member organization. The headquarter of the company is locating in New York and has representation in twenty-four countries of the world U.S Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. It provides creation of date base, maintains access to entire specter of information on economics of seventy developing courtiers. The information is basically related to condition of markets, legislation and just news. The main product of the company is information system of developing markets – EMIS.
Internet Security maintains global network subscribers` access to the whole information system. Each user has opportunity to get information from more then 10 000 sources. Information about Russia, Byelorussia, South-East Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and markets of other countries is faced by the source. Number of markets of these courtiers constantly increase.
It should be outlined that “Sakartvelos Ekonomika” magazine will be located on our service. Our base suppliers are such huge sources as BBC, France- Press, The Moscow Times, Business Week Russia, “Vedomosti”, “Commersant”, “Izvestia” “RBK”,”RIA Novosti”, “Praim Tass”, and the agencies “”FK Novosti” (www.fcinfo.ru), RussianReality, www.FTInform.ru and ect;
Finally we could plan goals. It should be outlined that the web site of the magazine faces information about problems of economics and achievements, and attracts interest of the west also.
When a friend on mine, high rank official, told me that he was hurt, because an MP criticized him according to the dates published in the magazine, or our magazine plays big role in preparing Master`s programs for one of famous university, it` s really fact of huge importance. Yes, there were, are and will be a lot of problems, sometimes issues are not properly stitched, translation of terminology in English and style of Georgian version are rejected, but all these, to say in our language, is creative process, and we move foreword. Ten years thought us a lot and made doing many. Just sunlight is not perfect in the world, and how we can be!
Following nominations announced concerning ten years anniversary of our magazine:
1. Best scientific work in economy (published in “Sakartvelos Ekonomika” magazine);
2. Best monograph;
3. Best text-book;
4. Best journalistic article;
5. Best interview.
The firs three nominates will receive money award –300, 400, 500 Lari, but the 4-th and 5th nominates will receive golden coin of the National Bank of Georgia.
The applicants should submit to the address: 25, Kekelidze str; Organization Committee. Awarding ceremony will take place in December 30, 2007 at Economist – Researches annual meeting. Economist –researcher and journalist of the year scheduled to be nominated on the meeting.
Expecting your submissions. Impartiality, objectivity and competence – will always be our motto.