How we defeated Lapland in Joker

Emzar Jgerenaia

I traveled to Lapland this summer to visit Santa Claus.

I’m serious this time… It sometimes happens so that I do not cheat at all (lie has lost its price, everyone started cheating, supply exceeded demand and, as it usually happens, lie has become priceless, its not worth to take it up)
I know it sems hard to believe me, but that’s the way it is. I went on a conference to Finland and didn’t miss an opportunity to meet Santa.
By the way, I didn’t really adore Lapland. It’s an ordinary tundra, located at 1000 meters above the sea level, one can’t state, it is full of fir-trees. Strict, cheerless nature and kind, absolutely unique Santa.
We had a business meeting regarding New Year preparations. One may laugh and tell me with jester that only my 4 years old grandson Luka believes all these, although it’s not an easy case and well… if you still don’t believe then …
Santa and I concluded several agreements and I hoped New Year would be full of surprises, promises and presents in my country. Although the meeting took place in August!
According to our agreement I contacted Santa as soon as I hearted New Year coming along an icy path. Santa’s response greatly surprised me – he has read a lot about our country through press, watched TV and thought that there is no place for him among the number of Santas that have appeared during the pre-New Year or pre-election period in Georgia. He said, his fairy tails are nothing in comparison to those retold by Georgian Santas.
This is the most interesting New Year that had ever been in Georgia – lots of promises and presents. One could think of anything, but I really could never imagine seeing suntanned Shakira on Rikhe in this frost. Who could have thought of increased pensions and salaries, receiving number of New Year presents, employment, promises. It’s a unique New Year and elections are amazing.
It would be a great idea to agree on traditionally holding elections every New Year. We are really very good in it. Moreover, a journalist worried: what if even the half of all these promises are kept, what happens next, inflation will increase.
I tried to calm the journalist down: don’t worry, if the promises are kept, inflation will be the least important increased issue.
Well, in my opinion too much of something is bad, even New Year Promises.
No, I still intend to phone to Lapland and ask Santa to visit us. He should see what a real Santa should be like. Its time for Lapland to change its place as well as its name! From now on the world’s New year celebration place is Geoland (Saqland) ! That’s it! We have won Joker and got the first place. You will probably ask me what the category was. It doesn’t matter. We have got the first place, that’s what matters.
Wish you a Happy New Year and a satisfied, peaceful Rat.