Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations signs cooperation memorandum with Georgian


On April 22, Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations signed a cooperation memorandum with the Georgian Employers Association.

The Memorandum implies cooperation in dealing with employment problems in Georgia by mutual efforts to satisfy common national interests in terms of employment. The parties agreed to work out a special plan to support educational and scientific activities, increase the mobility of students and academic staff, and consequently to select and supply qualified specialists to Georgian Employers Association member companies. Within the framework of memorandum, the Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations will select its most successful students and provide them to the Association.
“For our university and generally for the educational and scientific sphere it is very important to establish a far closer relationship with the real employment sector. We should work in such direction that will satisfy the employers’ demands; we should prepare our students adequately to their demands and make them high-caliber professionals who will be very successful in the very competitive labor market. This will be our success, too, as we want to serve the advancement of our economy. We will cooperate with any governmental or nongovernmental organization that will be motivated to encourage students on their way to employment,” said the rector of the Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations Avtandil Chutlashvili.
Georgia Employers’ Association (GEA) was established in November, 2000. The main purpose of its establishment was to create a non-governmental and non-profit, self-managing business organization that would establish close partner and business relationships with governmental bodies and trade unions and foster the culture of enterprise in society. Currently Georgia Employers Association is represented in many international and local committees such as State Commission of Education, Permanent State Commission of World Trade Organization and different temporary state commissions and working groups. GEA is also a member of the International Organization of Employers (IOE) since March 2005 and a member of International Congress of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ICIE) since 2004.