Jemal Inaishvili

The world energy business faces huge challenges. Bioethanol seriously oppresses petroleum. U.S. and Brazil use biodiesel as an alternative fuel, and the third of fuel is also biodiesel in Europe, with admixture yet, but motors working on clear biodiesel came into exploitation in Europe.

Moreover, “British Petroleum” (BP) and it’s partners created bioethanol fuel of forth generation, produced from living remains, grass and cellulose. It seems, the invention should calming human while such sort of tension condition, but the second huge problem has created food utilization increased, followed with prices double raising on the world market. That`s directly concerned to Georgia from both sides – new fuel perspectives and prices rising on food. So, one of the headlines of the magazine is bioethanol and perspectives of our country (p.8).
Georgia suffers serious problem – internet war and population`s turmoil because of prices hitting on the service. What is going on at Georgia`s communication market and what sort of competitiveness is it expected when monopolist establishes limits, immediately after entering the market. From the other side, time when private internet providers enriched on the expenditure of state owned “Telecom” should come to the end and way should be opened for investor. Communications bearing vital importance for economy, rating of every country. We focus debate on economic problems of internet providers, to be our problem at the same time (p.14).
Tourism issue and industry of resting-places in Georgia gets more and more interesting. Re-innovated Batumi city with its service-centers and hotels has become too attractive. But tourism, as economic phenomena, suffers many problems, preferably to be discussed with you (p.21).
Business administration and Master`s (MA) problem is main in economic education. The world has huge experience in the issue and Tbilisi State University (TSU) is making really important steps foreword. MA programs has been created and enforced by the Academic Council in July. You may check detail information on the web site www.tsu.ge While reviewing all fourteen programs you may come across very interesting information… TSU rector Gia Khubua and his team making really hard, but important steps. So, we will keep continue debating on economic education problems. In addition, you may read article of the professor Rezo Gvelesiani, concerning economic policy issue. Theoretical debate – discussion will assist many politicians and economists in optimal resolutions making. Mr. Gvelesiani faced in details western essay concerning the issue, meanwhile we are at the door of optimal economic policy creation and realization, what possesses huge success for our country (p.33).
My dear readers, I would like attract you attention on the article of Soso Archvadze about the middle level of living. The issue presents to be most actual concerning social and economic issue. Criteria of the middle level determination and its role in economy is discussed for a long. I believe, it`s time to start negotiating on the issue and I think it would be good to provide conference for sharing experience and optimal criteria selecting (p.19)
In the issue you may read our traditional review of the world market and highlights of economic statistics of Georgia, together with other interesting news. I hope, you will keep fine mood while your holidays, despite of our debates on economic problems, if you will not, I beg you pardon please, because we do not create problems, we just study them and attempt their resolving ways finding together with you.