“Telasi” Immortals of Sen Simonies, Furies and Owen Or Kojori Variation of Paris Commune

Emzar Jgerenaia

Thanks God that we were able cracking down on socialism! People could breathe freely and as they could start market economy build on the background of Georgian mentality, individualism and the west advices.

Who has not live in socialism, is not able understanding collective property and social mentality strength. For instance, if your friend in Zestaponi could not search for enough volume of black stones and devote to homeland, you should replace him and work hard for exaggerate stones searching, but would not receive any bonus or per cent or complementary (often real reimburse). The same condition runs in agriculture sector – if Domentia (Georgian old first name) would pick less tea following last night`s drunken party, you would stay without bread and butter. So, such policy failed, the socialism came to the end and went with history. But the issue is not so easy. The collective is still alive, but in not in our hearts, but in meters.
“Telasi” managers reported that everything new properly started is an old one. They went to Public Library, were the electricity was cut, by their order, opened tractates about utopia socialism, written by French classics Sen Simonies and Furies and created new, but now typical, mentioning commune of real power meters. No, it astonished no one while current high- tech epoch, but why they stopped on meters and Georgia become experimental base, especially multi-suffered, pity Kojori. (how unfortunate Kojori is, suffered attack of Russian red army recently and power army attack today). Entire Kojori population united under one power commune and established power consumption according all wishes and demands, and payment – according abilities. They “put ignore” on meters and “Supervisor Manager” himself, looking like Furies`s Assistant, throw down debts and estimated himself who and how much should pay, he ordered: make him pay 2000 lari, her – 1600 lari and that one 100 lari. He was asked: “but why?” And the response was: “that`s rule of commune, we launch the rules”. Besides, they supply electricity to pity Kojory when they wish-seasonally. As, for instance, cut electricity in September of 2006 and turned on in December for several days, because of winter coming, then the electricity supplement resorted on Easter and now at the end of July. What`s up?! They did not fail a season. “Telasi” has no time elucidating who and how much power used in commune, when providing such huge deal, let Kojori residents elucidate themselves. Following principle of our great ancestor – taking off from riches and donating poor. This doubt goes further – from heavy epoch of Sen Simonies to Platoon. Just remember, Aristotle and Platoon debated about the same – good or bad real property is? So, one should not reject merit of ancestors, but pay honor and follow “Telasi” opinion about commune and commune properties to be the best, and if one is owner of property and monopolist, he may cut power immediately to any if telling him just a word. Moreover, the idea was “sold” to “Tbilisi Water”, which schedules water communes creating. And my neighbors from downstairs already protesting – his weight is 135 kilograms and drinks five liters of water per day, and just imagine how much he will use in Jacuzzi, they say. One of “protestor” neighbor has a son and a dog, which have no shower and drink water at neighbors till today. I made scare, imagining my neighbor Giuli, standing in my bathroom and shouting “stop bathing”!
No, we still suffering nostalgia of socialism, but with Kojori`s new accentuate. Capitalist “Telasi’ tip managers willing population to be united under communes and living in socialism. Nothing has changed since recent; Central Committee (“CEKA”) secretaries lived as brogues, but kept people under communes.
I just want to tell you, that no Sen Simonies is not Kojori dweller, no Platoon is Imereti region residence, and “Telasi” will have no ability of time returning by time machine, so let alone experiments providing.
Read Sen Simon properly together with the history of France or this issue will not bring the happy end.
I positively estimate entering “Telasi” and “Rao AES” in the sphere of energy and no some other sphere, as for instance – healthcare, that time they would create communal maternity houses and we would have common kids, as is was is Sparta, centuries ago. Maybe they have not read the history of Sparta and just started privatization process of healthcare objects. So, the future will show.
Oh, just a moment! It` s not a bad idea! Jester among friends (especially of Jhorjholiani) or suffer of pity women with catchword – “to be hero mother or son` s mother” will come to the end, and we will equally have boys and girls and childlessness problem will be resolved –with common children of commune.
And… the commune? In 21st century? I am selling the idea to “Telasi” and “Tbilisi Water”, and what is you view on Sen Simon` s Sparta –Georgian commune inculcating in Georgia, will this “know-how” work in communal maternities? I`ll sell the idea to “Telasi” and “Tbilisi Water” in half of price, if they express any interest, swear light remembrance of Furies.
Emzar Jgerenaia, fan of commune