‘In the long term we are all dead’- John Maynard Keynes

Emzar Jgerenaia

You can tell me that I am not serious and I’m upstart. Well, all right, that may be true, but researches have proved that language in Georgia changes into English-Georgian- Phoenician – financial hybrid.

Besides English enters spoken Georgian by means of – ing forms and main gerunds. You want a proof? You can have the latest examples applied in Georgian politics and economics:
Targeting – to make a thing or group of things a target, to select it or them to be acted upon
Target – Objective, goal.
Target data – figures, indicators, data.
Target Indicator – Data which provide information about or predict the overall health of the economy or the financial markets; and budgeting.
Well, I can understand how sensitive and creative we are towards all positive and ‘foreigner’ fashion has nothing to do with that but inflation [Ta: geit] is a very nice Georgian word, economic category and term and probably Georgian sounds better. Although we should take into consideration that: ‘Since father take to Petersburg for study, you has forget Georgian’.
That is why budgeting and banking sounds better. The problem is that scientists have not come to a conclusion: which one is better: [Ta ( r ) geiting] or [Ta ( r ) geiting]. According to modern linguists, T – t (Georgian T) with a direct pronounce does not exist in English. Neither does T. Therefore, these new scientist creators hope to invent new letter in Georgian to settle this equivalence. Well, before we do that, you can use both. As for ing it still remains vague and we can’t use it yet. Besides, we have not swallowed this ‘schwa’ yet and we can not pronounce English R in Georgian. Oh, this ‘schwa’! That is why Americans and the English get angry – pronounce targeting correctly and do not cross the limit in relation to R. We can freely use inflation targeting or vice versa. Anyway, in human old Georgian it means planned upper level or upper level of goods prices growth dynamics. You can say that rising prices on goods has no limits. Well it may be a bit difficult to define what is going on from the point of scientific and economic view. But if we take conditional limits of 14% annual, it will be out lightening. Well, sometimes inflation may go forward. So what? What really matters is a targeting process. Georgian economic idea got confused. It struggles against the world problems and this inflation targeting suffers it. Besides, what is going on in the world economic and political speech – thousands of new words come into use during election period, and Georgian economic science is particularly rich from this point of view (speech instead of action).
Time, when we’ll learn general Georgian and economic Georgian is near. Economic Georgian is something intermediary between American English and Georgian Iberian languages. Scientists hope that the language will soon have number of followers unlike inflation. Targeting itself is a perfect thing. Target, motivation of movement is eternal aspiration towards something better. Hegel’s absolute and Ilia’s eternal movement. But this inflation is not good! We do not like it- it is like a thief, a professional thief, invisible one that takes our money and soul out of our pockets and we can not see it. What is the name of a place, where people live? – ‘Human society’. Yes, so there where a human society is, inflation exists too. The great American said: two things are inevitable – taxes and death. No, inflation is inevitable too. Therefore three things turn out to be inevitable – inflation, taxes and death…
According to Keynes inflation and taxes are inevitable in short run. As John Maynard Keynes said ‘In the long term we are all dead.’ Target will stay immortal and new Georgian language is a shining bomb together with inflation target.
The research will not spot here, it will continue if of course by that time at least one Georgian word remains in economics and business. This is a question!
The way of pronunciation targeting: either Georgian version or an international one does not really matter. Use whatever in a short run. As for it, itself rapes everyone and everything it meets on its way, and call it whatever you want to. Would anything happen if we used merging indicator or vice versa?