What is lashing?


“Ricardo conquered England as completely as the Holy Inquisition conquered Spain”

“That its teaching, translated into practice, was austere and often unpalatable, lent it virtue.”!
John Maynard Keynes – “General theory of employment, interest and money”, Kutaisi, 1995. Page 39

Summer and spring are muddled. We miss hot weather and tranquility. Economy yawned, stretched and slumbered. We have plenty of time to think about and discuss aims of our existence. Economists have more time for thinking then other, Economy and economists are amazing – they know and see everything. They lock the stable door when the horse is stolen – external factors, inner forces, adverse conditions, Edgworth box, Tibo model etc. To say in one word, they are not sure of anything. Darwin was the toughest guy ever!
Inter alia, Darwin’s 150th anniversary is planned to be celebrated in village Lesichine, Chkhorotsku region. They have even established organization committee. There are big preparations and they are going to invite guests from all over the world. Do not think that they are doing this with loving care, they are just criticizing him. Just you wait! We will show you how it is to be a monkey. Englishmen are angry with Darwin. They said that as Darwin reckoned that apes were his ancestors, let apes celebrate his anniversary. So all eyes are turned to experts from Lesichine, who are trying to prove that mankind originated from Megrelians, instead of apes!
As I already mentioned there are big preparations in Lesichine. I have exact information that Sopho Sitchinava is the member of the committee. She is in charge of third B part criticism and analysis. Third B part concerns chromosomes and genetic net. That is why Megrelians are not active during the protest marches.
Darwin exactly knew what he was talking about. He was right when he said that we originated from apes. Inter alia, scientists have studied economic and political order among horde of monkeys. It seems that their order is something between thimocracy and democracy with democratic-socialist tinge. Darwin was real expert. You might think like some of Georgians that who chose Darwin as expert. He traveled for five years in jungles, he came back from nowhere, gained experience and developed a theory and thus he became expert.
The same thing is in economy. You work on some subject for years, keep it up, analyze, study, and thus gain experience and become expert in the field of your studying. Then you might be asked for some advice. If one endowed with talent of foreseeing then he/she might become competent analytic and enjoy respect and trust of people.
It is very hard! Ricardo was such expert and that is why Keynes compared him with inquisition. He was severe and man of principle, pure and honest, but they didn’t like him. They even didn’t like his ideas. Growing bourgeoisie liked his ideas, but not authorities. That is always in this way. Nobody likes economists, especially politicians. Economists are talking too much truth and they are too severe. That is why holly crusade has been started against experts and politicians never miss a trick to criticize them either at home or aboard. Moreover, they are criticizing true experts and praise artificial ones. Nobody needs expert, neither those in the power or the ones who plan to come to the power. Everybody wants to have own, domestic expert – who will talk advantageous things, or in other words carrions (word “lash” in Georgian language means carrion). This is where term lashing is derived of!
At present I am working for accomplishment of my old dream – I soon complete book about international trade and banking. My book starts with the words – “What is lashing”. And I finish the book with the same words. Word lashing with its initial meaning is wonderful transport term. However, Georgians assigned another meaning to the word – lashing (carrion) lover, a person leading depraved life of carrion (lash). In other words, a person, an expert who consciously tries to be a lash (carrion) and to turn this into lifestyle.
What all these things have to do with experts? – It is in direct connection. There are two methods of creating “experts” and manipulating society’s opinion – first, to hatch greenhorn child “expert”, who is wet behind the ears, by means of genetic engineering. Second, one can incline some old expert in your favor. Both methods are fashionable and both of them are connected to lashing. That is why carrion experts created by means of genetic engineering are so frequent.
Lashings are wide spread in Georgia and Darwin’s anniversary is approaching in Lesitchine.