Dr. Emzar Djgerenaia

Unusually cold summer is nearing its end…

Instead, exceptionally “hot” autumn is ahead. We are so unlike the West – people there wait for rains, but we dream of sun because we became all wet through and rotten due to the rains. To be more exact, not rotten, but the other way round – we are quite successful in getting by. For instance, Telas has been on sale for a year already, but we learned about it just now and “went in for dramatics”. 65% of energy supply have fallen at the share of Russia for the past ten years, but we have learned about this as well as about the fact that our fate depended on Putin’s caprices only now. And at once we rushed to “defend our people”.
Economy of Georgia has been consumptive of late years; consumption is thrice as much as production; imports are thrice as much as export. Stability of currency is more dependent on international injections than on its own economy; the amount of debts has far more exceeded all admissible norms, but at the same time, there happened “wonder” of economic growth here – 8,7%. Though budget revenues do not exceed even the Y1996 level, we have not seemed to suspect it and have learned about it just now.
Yes, we have got rotten through, but not by ourselves, but due to heavy rains. We have never remembered economy, its situation has got worse and worse day after day; population became poorer with each year, shopping basket becomes more expensive, market contracts and masses become insolvent. Tell me then, what do most of our western friends want us for? Our country become unattractive from the viewpoint of business. There has been terrible business situation in the country of late years. Added to this is flush of criminality (that help us to hold elections) and controlling structures. There has been fusion of business state and criminal structures of late years. This process has already been completed and as a result of it, a single organism has been formed. However, we have learned of it only now.
Is not it strange that we have learned of it only after we have lost our posts? How can one be so rotten, how can one lie to people that you have not known anything before and have done nothing similar?
Perhaps, you are mushrooms that have come to this world in this wet summer after the usual heavy rain? Are not there too many poisonous mushrooms in such a small country as Georgia? And you sit now and discuss whom the country belongs to – Russia or America. Is it not better to make out who we are and what we need in policy and economy.
No, people of the country have got finally rotten due to frequent rains in this summer.