Gears of Economy Monetary Regulation and Its Improvement While Transfer Economy Conditions

Besik Bolkvadze
Well known fact that the money –credit policy together with the fiscal policy is used for economy tasks resolve, including: economy growth, full employment, inflation level reduction, prices stabilization and ect; For the goals coming into the being, the National Bank uses well –known collection of monetary tools, which ` s effective use serves for high level functioneering of money –credit system and concerning money-credit policy.
While transfer period, economy monetary regulation issue may be discussed under direct and indirect tools of the monetary regulation issue consideration. Effective monetary tools mention market principles based tools maintaining market system functioneering, so market economy based direct one is much more preferable then the indirect one. Finance market ill development provides complex utilization of direct and indirect methods of monetary regulation issue.

Alternatives of Strategy While Competitive Environment
Tamar Ghambashidze, TSU Associated Proffessor
NaNa Bezhuashvili, Assistant Proffessor
Choose and use of exact strategies bears huge importance while competitive environment existence. Preparation of market condition tendencies concerned priorities focus obligatory, which will use strong points of the organization.
It mentioned as general mistake, when the authority is not facing attempt of the strategy make clear and preferable, involving in own staffers.
Generalizations of the theory and the practice of competitive separates five schemes — competitive strategy basis, having determined priorities and free of shortages at the same time. Therefore, the basic procedure of choose should include concerning estimation of strong and week point of the every strategy plan, as real possibilities of entrepreneur using of which will become possible while created market conjuncture conditions. The strategies are following:
1. Production cost reduction
2. Production differentiation
3. Market` s segmenting
4. Innovations launching
5. Immediate react on market ` s demand
Every accounted has its advantage, obligatory market conditions, demand production and managing, as destabilize factors. Estimation of them gives the authority every possibility of the most optimal one chose making. Several strategies utilization together is not excepted. We believe descriptions of every strategy faced in the article will create preferable for young organizations and firm leaders, scheduling appear on the market for up-coming days.