Jemal Inaishvili

2007 grows very important concerning economy generation and system transformation issues. So we attempted to report complete analyze of 2006 economy results.

(p.8) Started in 2006 investition boom climbing up to 60 percent is expected for this year. Too risky moment faces handle of inflation problem, together with other points, based for direct result of investitions attraction. So, we believe basic trends of macro economy highlights and indicator, facing on the main problems of the year. The problems of interior market deeply concerned to the world market existed problems. So, we published the world economists, analyze, commodity market indicators and up- coming future prognoses (concerning food, metal and oil) (p.16).
Visit of the President of Poland to Georgia after his trip to Kazakhstan, Middle East, Ukraine and Baltic States is also significant event. The visit’s main goal was as Georgia’s integration to Euro Atlantic space issue discussing, but also talks concerned to energy security and transport corridor creation. You may check Poland experts, comments on the perspectives of modern transport corridor. Concerning the issue we lead the information on current controversy about world new pip-lines construction issue and gas market ongoing resistance.
Banking sector of Georgia runs under interesting changes, amalgamation and expansion processes are under the way. The second main importance is foreign investors investing in, and the last one arrange between the first Commercial Bank of the Ukraine and “Tao Bank”. What is going on at bank-credit market, what will include consumer prices and tomorrow day of banking system issues are published in the article… (p.13)
Newly founded heading in the issue is “Debate Club of Young Students”, including points of view of young people related to our country ongoing events. That is double way interesting, for getting the knowledge about their view on innovations, and from the other hand their interesting involve into the difficult problems of economy. The issue publishes material of Tbilisi State University gifted student Nika Vardishvili.
According to Trade Chamber resolution, grant scholarship one hundred lari per month was nominated to three students of the State University, Economy and Business major. We believe students as the basic of economy reforms, because manage of reformed Georgia according to the world standards is their rule. The continuance of the problem is high education system reform and the magazine’s issue includes foreign experts’ point of view concerning current reforms at Tbilisi State University. Separate details on economic education process new curriculums or syllabuses system and the project –how to be placed under Bologna process frames from the angle of economy education.
Newly created heading is –the School of European Management, including business- psychology world masterpieces, for our entrepreneurs maintain in start of the deal running and its managing. Hope the heading will repot the main news and grow into interesting sphere of views sharing. We also expecting letters of you our devoted readers on what sort of detailed analyzes you wish to read in the management.
We could not just pass by taxpaying expected challenges and face debate on the issue of crucial importance. How suitable is new initiative of the President to each sphere of business and what results we should expect for creating our country into much more attractable for investors.
And our traditionally economy ratings and economy scientific works are among the issues.