High –Schools` Education Extremely Rise In Price


Georgia takes advantage on high –education reforms extremely hard level providing. New curriculums, models and programs are created.

Form and content are improved, being closing to the European system, but the price on education increases at the same time. Price of one year master` s program in ESM includes 5000 euros, in Caucasus University 12 000 USD, in TSU based Caucasus Business School 12 000 USD, but in Europe rather expansive. What is the way out for the people having no such huge financial resources?
And, will distance methods of education be founded in Georgia? Which appears to be one of the most preferable outlet of the problem.
Most of Georgian students struggle for the diplomas of economists and lawyers, but unfortunately, companies and entrepreneurs report about professionals’ sufficiency in the country. What innovates will be faced by Ireland High Banking School and if its suggested program be launched in Georgia, while talking about practical business capacity and right management culture development possessing real importance for economy and business development. The University, which` s economy faculty students` number includes 5500 provides serious seeking process concerning the issue. Lots of variants creation is under the way, and one of the most interesting aspects was discussed in May, at Tbilisi State University.
International Banking –Commerce Council official Vincent Obrien held meeting with professors and students of Tbilisi State University at the 10-th so –called High Building. President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia, Georgian Parliament Vice –Speaker Jemal Inaishvili and TSU Economy Faculty Dean Jamlet Janjghava attended the meeting.
Jemal Inaishvili reported about distance education lunching in Georgia importance and usefulness innovate concerning specialists upbringing issue, which will maintain qualification cadres improve and positively impact on the economy.
Vincent Obrien talked about Ireland essay in especial details. The county created into education hearth just in several years time. Despite of students living price rather low in Ireland, then in Europe, completing of presence education remains too expansive, Obrien outlined. So distance education popularity increases. While talking about online school Vincent Obrien brought his homeland –Ireland, as an example and told that Ireland presented to be one of the most needy country twenty years recent, but is one of the richest and succeeding European country for day following important reforms providing. The Ireland choose the highlight of the reforms– human capital –young generation upbringing and international business trade, and the results faces following: 4 million citizen Ireland gained opportunity of 124 billion dollars export providing. Basic key of the country economy success is human capital. Ireland was suffering serious problems with its neighbor the United Kingdom, so diversification presented hard issue, for the Ireland not being just depended on the United Kingdom. Turning point was prepared and solid capacity management and education. Crisis not always facing negative.
Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays a huge role in the country trade issue. The Chamber assists lots of young founding their own places in international business and trade. International Commerce School was founded by the government of Ireland in 1995, and provided background for business online school in 2002, succeeding for today and collaborating with many countries. Its financing source was the government of Ireland, but the basic one the EU. The country export income 80 %includes direct foreign investitions, realized in the country by well- trained people, successful business running able. Ireland High Business School provides just one specialization –International Trade and Export Management. This is four level online school. Students read books by CD-s, audio and video means, lead the information on graphics, what mentions their distance study of international trade. By basic practical subjects related to the international business students get knowledge on export marketing –market founding, entering market and observation. One of the practices subject is customs procedures, which are export procedures documents, transportation arrangement, package, receive. The next one is export business financing issue of the found market, and the last one is online business –necessary information searching by the internet and business running. Distance course basically aims country economy condition development and solid currency flowing into the country by means of export. The education process runs according to determined models, and sections are followed by each one. The advantage is international trade practice providing by means of audios and videos. Aiming strand achieve, for the total results facing, students estimation takes place while the whole course, if the standard is not achieved the subject is being repeated. Effectiveness of education new method is proved by 80 % of the students not needing the subject repeat and keeping continue study. International network is created while program creation, because the school relations with every student and not just studying in Ireland. Vincent Obrien noted that most of their graduators work at world leading and huge banks. The Scholl advisers believe one of the effective ways is the program integration into the local markets, so its realization is wished by Tbilisi master` s program.
The University expressed its wish of Banking Academy creation, together with foreigners, Georgian Banking Association, the National Bank, GCCI and faculty of Economy and Business. The academy which will include all sort of mixed education methods, online will be among them
How the program runs?
Any local market citizen students have Ireland online support together with local heads. That is not academy program, that is business capacity training practical program. Involving in 40 country students number of which yearly increase.
Advantage and financing:
Price of business education in U.S. includes approximately USD 12 000, but the program presented by Vincent Obrien: maximum 2000 euros per year, if the student will gain grant while competitive condition may be 50 % limited. The financial source of grant is Ireland organization, but in the program succeeding courtiers the financing source is basically the High -School itself. Incredible is Vietnam, which` s financing fund maintains 80 % and students have to pay just 200 dollars. According to the basics of the program, local side, the University in the present condition, should be ready for local financing readiness and opportunity. While discussing the Issus GCCI President reported that if 50 % students financing, left 50 % may be financed by banks. Because Georgia suffers sufficiency of skilled personal despite of high –school graduators huge number. That ` s why entrepreneurs often support professionals’ upbringing and finance their education process.
Grant is basically the issue of transitive economy country, but the program is of masters and business habits oriented.
The program is tested by Georgian students in Georgia and ought to be noted that 70 % of graduators work at banks and conveyance companies. But especially successful graduator is a Head of International Department of the Bank of Georgia, Vincent Obrien said.
One of advantage of the program is appeared to be Society Unit of different country students, or they provide relations, what assists future development.
As Vincent Obrien said, he knows well TSU Economy Faculty ongoing changes, especially concerning degree manage issue, and practical business habits development will have positive impact on economy and business development issues of the country.
The idea was supported by TSU rector, Professor Gia Khubua. He held meetings with initiative team, created several strategy methods of approach—foreign specialists hosting, combine sort of financing, students supplement and degree acknowledged by European corresponding structures. Gia Khubua pledged every sort of support to the conference participators for education process of economy faculty entire change providing, closing it to the European level and be oriented on student and employer.
As Jemal Inaishvili reported, the Chamber schedules seriously supporting the faculty and started remittance the students wile reforms process, preparing program of their practice running and foreign literature support. Chamber schedules to be Management Academy founder and importantly support of international level economy education inculcation, certainly together with research components. Education process should be professionals and employers oriented, Mr. Jemal Inaishvili said, we are ready for meetings providing with professors and supporting the University concerning the issue.