Directions of International Trade Development under Globalization Condition

Ramaz Putkaradze

Directions and trends of international trade development importance gradually increases under current international economy globalization condition.

That influences as well as on separate countries, so on the world economy development. Important share of international trade comes on developed counties, approximately including 70- 80 %. The world largest importer and exporter countries are U.S. Germany, Japan, Chinese and U.K. U.S commodity export included USD 904, 4 billion in 2006. The world exporter Germany 8.7 % is outrunning with USD 969, 0 billion and the world commodity export including 9, 3 %. U.S commodity import included USD 173, 4 billion, 16, 1 % of the world import. The Germany import included USD 773, 8 billion, 7, 2 % of the world import. Chinese faces huge role in the world trade and places on the third place concerning as well as import so import issues. Chinese faces 28 % import increase (U.S. 10 %, Germany 7 %) in 2006, comparing with the recent year. So, Chinese replacing into the first position concerning export- import capacity is absolutely expected in up –coming 10 years period, and outrun as Germany, so the U.S. Globalization measures growth will importantly increase service sector share at international trade structure. Service trade leader countries appear being also developed countries. In 2006, world service export included USD 2415, 0 billion, but import USD 2345, 0 billion. U.S. is the biggest service exporter (14, 7 %) and importer (12%) country. Incredible is that the world service export 74, 7 % (USD 17, 97 billion) and import 72, 8% (USD 1710, 8 billion) comes on 20 developed counties.