Theme of ratings and indexes is the subject of entertainment and Piar company. Georgian economists and journalists several times attempted to create west analogy ratings of the companies and provide defining of economic indexes, but the initiative failed. The first cause of that is un-diaphanous and non-transparency.

The initiators were constantly appealing to the tax instances for date bases, what was incorrect, because the instances had not any bases frequently or had not enough information. Budget taxes are not able completely facing quality of ready or management. In addition to that, despite of balance sheet delivering to the tax departments, companies delivered income- damage statements, not including many issues necessary for rating. The problem is – almost not existence of real auditor, not because we absolutely do not have auditors, but the firms do not want facing real information, for that they order to make conclusions they wish to see, and do not claim annual finance dates auditor and firms made no annual reports. Fund market dates on shares of companies suffers serious problems in Georgia, because arrangements are making just formality for years correction and no one company keeps principle of diaphanous, what is very necessary for investor. Interest towards Georgia`s economy sensibly increased and investors with get more information about our companies. Several days ago “internet security” organization” connected us. The main users of the organization`s web site and date bases are west investors, especially form U.S. The date base of the web site linked to our magazine`s web site, so the information on business, directions of the fields and other issue are mostly required. It provided background for founding the agency Georgia`s Ratings and Indexes (GERI). The agency aims providing highlights system for ascertaining economic indexes of companies banks and other instances and their ratings establishment. The system is completely west methods based. U.S was the first in the world in creating the indexes a century before and the indexes are leading till today – Moody’s Investors Service(1900), Standard& poor’s Corporation (1941), Duff & Phelps, Fitch Investors Service, McCarthy ,Crisanti &Maffei, DJ (USA), International Bank Credit Analysis, FT-500 (UK) Agence d, Evaluation Financier (FRA) Japan Credit Rating Agency, Mikuni &Co, Nippon Investors Service (JAP) Canadian Bond Rating Service (CBRS), Dominion Bond Rating Service (DBRS)-Canada ets. There are many specialized companies by field directions, for instance, “Morgan Stenl”, “Capital International”, making world top 1000 firm listing, insurance business oriented “AM Best Company”, “Fortune” magazine, busy with service sphere rating providing, Their standards and estimating systems scheme is following:
Ratings are made according separate spheres of business, and of course according the companies. We are rejecting rating of Georgia`s banking sphere and publishing it. Top 50 rating of Georgian companies is under the preparing and will be ready for autumn.
I understand, it`s sharp words, but it` s hugely demandable while such sort of investition boom condition in Georgia. We will keep our impartiality, objectivity and competence. We will take into consideration your views an notices, just wish us good luck!