Anniversary of the sun, the greatest logistic task of humanity and the Georgians’ role in burying the sun

Emzar Jgerenaia

or why will Georgia not be Russia’s neighbor

Our Sun is a hero of an anniversary this year; it is going to turn 4.59 billion years. 4.60 billions, and in addition, according to astronomers, it will live 4-5 billion years more. Well, it means that the sun is of middle aged. The Sun is about halfway through its main-sequence evolution. It’s amazing, astronomers have even found a heir–quite a perspective and promising star – V 838 Monocerotis, that is located by the end of our galaxy, on a bridge and does not shine really brightly, its rays reaches us only after two years. However astronomers forecast its progressive growth and consider it to be a indisputable heir. When after 4 billion years the sun turns into a red planet, its volume will increase hundred times, cover temperature will decrease to 3000 degrees. As a result it will be substituted by its heir. Well, before that, the sun is a hero of an anniversary and waits to celebrate the event. Coming story of the sun and the earth is even more romantic. According to the scenario worked out by researchers, the sun and the earth will die together, like Romeo and Juliet, as due to the increase of the sun’s volume, it will come nearer to the earth and its remaining temperature will vanish the earth. Every living thing will disappear and even the earth may dispel – in four billion years the earth will disappear together with the sun. Although Stephen Hawking, the greatest physicist of the world, doesn’t really believe in this romantic story. He believes, its time to colonize other planets – the only way of saving mankind. The universe processes will turn this place unfit for living and it will die before something happens to the sun. Therefore we should not wait for romanticism. The earth is not devoted to the sun and will not support it on its most difficult stage of existence. It seems that the earth is a bit tired; probably it doesn’t want to be a constant partner of the sun. What if it wants to turn into a dust and join the galaxy? It may even appear in another galaxy and start a new life while the sun will have an opportunity to care about other planet and give warmth to it. Moreover, some physicists believe that the sun is enormously rich with minerals and fossils and contains amazing Klondike –gold, iron, nickel, etc. we used to find in any encyclopedia that the sun is a made up of helium and hydrogen, gas. It generates its energy by nuclear fusion of hydrogen nuclei into helium (atomic explosions turn out to be quite useful and pleasant. While watching the sunrise one would have never thought that all these are explosions).
In 1975 Oliver Manuel proved with his researches that the above said is not true. Outer planets consist mostly of hydrogen, helium and other light elements, and the inner planets are made of heavier elements like iron, sulfur and silicon, Manuel says. He has also proved that hydrocarbons and maybe even distillates will be created by means of light isotopes. Therefore, inexhaustible resources for human usage will appear. The task now is to choose the planet for colonization, it should have a special location: not too far from sun, so that fossils are not expensive for transportation and not too near, so that they are not burnt by the sun. Besides, a necessary requirement is that V838 is at convenient distance from newly born sun, so that we are not disturbed by its heat. Mankind faces the greatest logistic task to solve and we, Georgians have to contribute in this amazing distribution. Maybe we should mark our territory on new planet, full of minerals and wealth, perhaps we’ll not be located between two seas and right under Russia. Let’s choose our spot, the bigger one, far from Russia and choose our neighbors as well: Switzerland, Netherlands or New Zealand. Maybe after about 4 billion years will leave in peace with our new neighbors on a new planet. Isn’t it cool? Great. You’ll not sleep tonight while thinking of it. My intriguer opponent may ask why I thought of it now. I thought about it because the older the sun is, the hotter it is!!! When it was just a baby, an infant, or when it when to school, it generated only 70% of shine, compared to present. It will shine 30% more in the future. So, it’s the sun who is to blame for global warming, not ecology. The sun heats and burns more and more every year. It’s the age, old age that is to blame, not ecology (I have tried it myself in June). So, each birthday of the sun costs more and more expensive to us. Things will remain the same during the coming 4 billion years. What shall we do before that, you may ask. We have to solve the hardest logistic issue of humanity before – we should choose the planet for colonization and mark the territory on the planet. Is there anything more important to worry about than the sun? You will enjoy it and the country will calm down. You’ll not trouble yourself on thinking about some mortal problems and start discussing cosmic ideas. Don’t lose time. We’ll have to celebrate the sun’s anniversary. It passes away in about 4 billion years and the same may happen to the earth. So, we have to arrange all these issues. Let’s start thinking and acting about it from tomorrow. We will enjoy it a lot!
What a pity. The sun is burning…