Marketing-Mix of International Company and Its Functioning Problems

L. Bulia, Doctorate of GTU, T. Turmanidze, Academic Doctor of Economy

Formation of International Company’s Marketing-Mix contains to make decisions about goods, price, delivery and distribution.

The second basis issue, which must be answered by the marketing managers, is about quality of Marketing Max’s standardization or adaptation for different markets. While making decisions many different factors must be foreseen.
Commodity policy is connected to the material and non-material factors, which characterize the goods. The second element of Marketing-Mix is the issues and decisions connected to the sphere of price formation. In the article three basic approaches towards the price formation are discussed: standard policy of price, two-level price policy and market price formation. Companies, that choose the market approach towards the price formation, must foresee the possibility of forming black markets.
It is noted in the article, that today studing the issues of International Company’s Marketing-Mix are very actual, because after leaving the CIS and breaking off diplomatic relations with Russia, Georgian companies are trying to export local producing goods to the markets of the USA and EU, which is a quite difficult task.