Georgia’s Trade Increases with Ukraine and Azerbaijan


After the August war, the economy of Georgia is one of the more discussed issues. With this angle the trade relations of Georgia with its partner countries are crucially important.

One of the hugest partners for Georgia is Ukraine. This is a major market for wine producers. Georgia’s trade overturn with Ukraine has increased. It is third place on the list of the biggest trade partners for Georgia. An overturn of trade is 672 billion and 900 thousand US Dollars. That is more that 35.8 percent, the latest results of January-October this year show. According to the Department of Statistics of Georgia, the trade overturn share with Ukraine with the percentage chapter increased. Before it was 9.8 percent, and now it is 10.3.
The increase of exports is 66.9 percent and it was caused by the increase of the export prices on the particular products. These following products are: Locomotives of the railways that increased with 17.3 million USD, ferroalloy prices for export increased with 15.4 million USD and the prices on the natural wines also increased with USD 5.2 million.
As for imports, Ukraine increased with 31 percent and is currently at USD 563.6 million. The most expensive was the price of one of the most demandable products: wheat flour, which increased by USD 26.3 million. Also expensive for Georgia is cigarettes, as their prices increased by USD 18.5 million.
According to the same results, the overturn with Azerbaijan also increased. During the period between January and October this year the overturn with this country is USD 703 million and 500 thousand; with a total of 78.3 percent. The share of the trade overturn with Azerbaijan increased to 10.8 percent. It rose by 3 percent before the share of the trade overturn was 7.8 percent.
As for Georgia’s exports with Azerbaijan, the figures here also are increased. Exports increased by USD 70.9 million. The biggest export groups include the cement and automobiles. The prices on these products increased: on cement with USD 73.4 million and on automobiles with USD 48.4 million.
Imports from Azerbaijan rose as well. The department of statistics said that imports with this neighbor increased by USD 238 million. This year the import is USD 521.8 million, with 83.9 percent compared with the results of the previous year.