Curriculum of security system

Maka Ghaniashvili

International company ASIS conducted research among its member commercial companies concerning the influence of security systems on the level of economic development and its dynamics.

ASIS is security management professional body of world-scales. 78% of questioned managers of organizations underlined the fact that, in terms of current economic climate, considering increased criminal and terrorist dangers security and safety systems are becoming more significant.
It might be interesting whether representatives of Georgian business companies agree with foreign colleagues and wether due regard is given to the security of apartments and offices in Georgia. In order to find out this our magazine contacted the companies offering the mentioned service to Georgian consumers.
Head of Algani security service Misha Mekhrishvili: We are a private company, security service LTD Algani. Our company entered the market in 2004. We are using various means of protection such as guards, centralized control panel, alarm button. We are mounting both emergency and fire alarm systems. We are offering any kind of services offered by foreign security services to the consumers in the world. These are: surveillance cameras, intruder detectors etc. Our technical service is mounting any kind of devices. In case of need or client’s desire we may provide bodyguards too.
– What can you say about protection of private residence? How often people apply to you with desire to protect apartments?
– There are clients that systematically protect their houses with signalization. When a person leaves the house, it turns alarm system on and by returning he/she turns the alarm off with password. However, we have some category of clients who apply to our services only seasonally, when they are going on vacation in summer and house is left empty. In this case we mount alarm system temporarily. In other words, we offer temporary, seasonal and long-term services.
– However, it should be noted that LTD and individual entrepreneurs, or those who runs business, are prevailing among our clients. To figure approximately, only 10% of total clientele are applying for residence protection, while all the rest are commercial areas.
– What are the service tariffs in your company?
– The prices are different. It depends on the guarded object User charge is differentiated and consequently security system mounting costs vary either. One cannot forecast how many movement detectors will be needed for the guarded object. It also depends on the guarded area, number of windows and doors. All of the abovementioned is playing significant role, so one cannot determine the price aforehand, until the object will be examined on-site. User charge is differentiated also, as the company is taking full responsibility for damage to property. For instance for a guarded object with the goods appraised at 1000 GEL, user charge might be quite low, while for jewelry shop with the production estimated at 100 or 200 thousand GEL user charge increases automatically.
– Besides this, Algani has insured its activity in insurance company IC Group. Therefore, its activity and its clients are insured of any kind of damage. We are protecting up to 5 hundred objects of enormous wealth and thus our company simply is unable to compensate damage with its own funds without insurance. Consequently we insure our business and thus we insure our clients also. This is very important and interesting for clients. We tell our clients that we are insured and we are fully responsible for client’s property in case of damage.
The head of LTD Aligatori – safety and security Service Company – Mikheil Melua is claiming that clientele has decreased recently. He noted that by months one cannot define whether number of consumers is increasing or not. It might be so that there will be more clients in April of current year than in previous year. However, one cannot say that clientele is increasing constantly. In whole, clientele was increasing since 2003 in other words since the company’s foundation. However, during the recent period, from summer of last year the number of consumers has significantly decreased. The main reason is that the cost of living has become expensive and people have become poorer. Many of our clients broke their contracts as they couldn’t afford to pay user charge, despite the fact that the prices remain the same.
– What are prices of your services?
– User charge for the residencies starts from 60 GEL, while for the organizations the fee amounts 80 GEL. However, this doesn’t mean that user charge might be 200 GEL for some client. The client chooses himself whether he pays 80, 100 or 150 GEL. The user charge is in direct connection with the sum of damage compensation. Client decides in what amount he desires to protect own property. He knows the value of goods at the guarded object and thus he chooses the service package and user charge. Highest user charge amounts 250 GEL that ensures compensation of 25 thousand GEL damage.
– Is this upper limit of tariff?
– Yes, but at the customer’s request we can establish individual tariff. However, actually there is no need in this, as we serve all of our guarded objects promptly. For instance one of our clients is BEKO. In case of alarm our group will arrive on-site in three minutes. It is impossible to steal production with value of more than $25000. Consequently, there is no necessity of increasing user charge under the condition of compensating damage in bigger volumes.
– Which type of clients is prevailing among your clientele, legal and commercial entities or private individuals?
– Majority of our consumers is commercial and legal entities. We are protecting residencies also, but their number is not big. Percentage is 65-35% per offices and residencies. People often prefer just to lock apartments instead of mounting alarm systems. The same can be said about small shop owners who often just lock the shops with padlock.
General Director of security service company Daraka Levan Dalbashvili claims that private individuals do not give a due regard to safety and security systems.
– Unfortunately growth dynamics is not observed in our company. Despite the fact that user charge is not high, this especially might be said about recent period. The user charge is starting from 50 GEL. The company offers to consumers various packages. The highest user charge for private individuals is 100 GEL. While the highest package fee for the companies amounts 120 GEL. The majority of our clients are legal bodies. Population prefers to take care of residency security with own forces. They use shutters, lattice etc.
We interviewed representatives of several companies and discovered that safety and protection systems are not given due regard in Georgia. It is hard for the population to pay 50 and 80 GEL user charge, despite the fact that the losses might be much bigger in case of security system absence.
However, it is possible to ensure security of residencies or offices by means of high quality reliable locks, padlocks and handles. In case of security system absence they are of significant importance for the safety matters. We become interested how far Georgian market is offering high quality products of the segment to the consumers. We interviewed representative of building-repairing company Prizma Mr. Tamaz Jalagonia.
– Today any type of locks and handles, of any price and quality are offered at Georgian market. There are Italian, German, products. There is relatively low quality and correspondingly low price locks of Chinese production. However, when one intends to buy a good lock price doesn’t matter in this case as the quality of lock is very important for the safety.
– How far is it possible to buy high quality product in Georgia?
– Of course there are various well-known firms that enter Georgian market. For instance so called Stierlitzs – the same Abloy. Abloy is Finnish company. Its products are characterized both by quality and price. Nowadays Abloy has become scarce product at Georgian market. Sometimes companies are importing Abloy’s production with low prices as cheap product is sold out more rapidly. There are locks of Italian Chizari, company Motura that are characterized with high quality. There are lots of construction projects, so even ten importers might not fill the market. If three or two years ago, 70% of constructions were framehouse building, nowadays 80-90% is revetment construction. First of all we should take into consideration that cheap and good doesn’t exist together. Expensive and quality locks are characterized by complex protection mechanisms. If one uses hummer or some other instrument the auto lock mechanism activates and the door is locked so that nothing can open it any more. The only way is to remove whole door. We consulted with the representatives of various companies on the mentioned matter and they told us that finally what is more important $1000 door or the property that might be stolen. That is why the quality of locks is especially important.
Fourteenth international exhibition of construction and interior has been held in Tbilisi on 20-23 May. Among other presented companies, leading Finnish company producing locks, padlocks and handles was presented. Abloy is a world leader in the technologies of electro-mechanical locks’ producing. History of the company begins in 1907 year, with production of simple locks. Today the company is exporting own production in more than 70 countries, including USA, Sweden, France, Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Poland, Canada etc. Abloy owns ISO 9001 (from 1980) and ISO 14001 (from 1990) certificates. The company imports its products in Georgia already several years. Official representative office has been founded in Georgia in 2008.
The assortment of the company include: mechanical and electromechanical locks, locks for metal and office furniture, padlocks, cylinders for various types of mounted locks, handles, door shutters, door automatic machinery and Anti-panic device for emergency exits.
As the company’s representatives declare Abloy’s locks are safely functioning even after most severe testing with corrosion. That is why the mentioned production is recommended for use in most severe climate conditions and under hard exploitation. Tough materials and tempered steel ensure reliable protection against sawing or drilling of handle.
This is one of the features of Abloy locks that enable to leave the house or office without worrying.