15th international construction exhibition in Baku

From the Editorial Board

Fifteenth international construction exhibition – BakuBuild 2009 – has been held in Azerbaijan, on October 21-24.

The exhibition is held in Baku on annual basis since 1995. The space assigned for the exhibition made up 6086 sq/m. Local companies were holding 54.3% of exhibition area, while 45.7% has been occupied by foreign companies. 97 Azerbaijani companies and 151 foreign companies from 25 countries of the world were participating in the exhibition. These are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Georgia, Dania, Egypt, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, China, Latvia, Luxemburg, Holland, USA, Poland, Belorussia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, France and Czech Republic.
Azerbaijan was announced as the best reformer country in “Doing Business 2009” that is correspondingly reflected on construction industry. In Jan-Sept 2008, GDP of Azerbaijan increased by 15% and made up $38 billion. This is $4302.1 per capita. Production has been increased by 16.3% in the country. Construction sector turnover in this period made up $2.52 billion.
Volume of investments has been increased in the country. In Jan-Sept 2008, the volume of investments amounted $7.79 billion. Naturally, investments in construction sector increased either. The volume of capital investments in construction increased by 55% compared with previous year’s showings of the same period. The volume of investments in this sector made up $604 billion. $585.8 million was spent on construction of houses. Despite global financial crisis, positive tendencies are observed at Baku real estate market. Construction of 30 pavements, 45 bridges and 14 motor ways is planned in Baku up to 2010.