World crisis and in search of innovatory and historical role of Georgia at the bottom

Emzar Jgerenaia

Here is the story of nanotechnology in scientific research of Mr. DICK and imperative PR imperia of empirical persons

Whole world is absorbed in thoughts and deliberately searches for a bottom. Disturbances are reaching their peak. Someone in Europe shouts – hurray! The bottom is seen and then it appears that it was only an illusion. Then, you might hear another emotional exclaim – That’s it! And again no! Obama himself went to Asia, in China to look for the bottom and he couldn’t make it. Disappointed Americans got angry on their favorite president and his rating fell below 50 percent since his election. He beat the records of Ford and Clinton in the speed of rating falling. Whole world is worried and asking where is the bottom! When this nightmare comes to an end, indeed? Oh, they have no idea that it is not an easy task to find the bottom. We, Georgians have been looking for it since 19th century and we call it Bazaleti Lake theory instead of bottom theory. We are looking for the bottom and a cradle at the bottom, and someone who’s lying in this cradle. Today’s world is starting to use one-century old theory of Georgians. Georgians are tough guys, and innovators. They constantly outrun storm of world thinking!
If we have had a little bit more appreciation, we would make a name of tough theoreticians. But, unfortunately, nobody believes us.
Here is the last huge example of bottom theory: we are the first who found the bottom of the crisis in the country. Our National Bank declared about this and adduced arguments that many people have registered houses and flats in public register (Poor ones! it hasn’t finished…) at the same time, banks appeared to be having funds (of course, they have money, as they were not lending it to anybody…) and thus economy is going up. They do not believe anyway. Ben Bernanke declared that slump still continues and they are just expecting side trend at the market instead of correction of bull trend. Once again Ben Bernanke left the world without bottom, but we still continue to insist that we’ve found it (just between ourselves, our ancestors were looking for it over the centuries and how did we manage to find it so quickly?!) and those Americans and Europeans cannot find it yet. So, what can we do now? Is anything bad in the fact that we outdid everybody?!
They don’t believe us, claiming that macroeconomic estimations and Monetary Fund prognoses are telling the other. The devil takes this Monetary Fund. It constantly changes its mind, saying one and another. Georgians have own innovative method. Isn’t it possible to change this moss-grown macroeconomic system and not repeat again and again GDP, PPI and SPI, is it? If it is possible to interbreed one group of molecules with another using nanotechnologies and receive substance non-existent in the nature, then why it is impossible to use new method in macroeconomics and specifically in search for this bottom.
Recently, one of the celebrated fathers of Georgian economy declared that serious financial collapse is anticipated in the first quarter of 2010. Mr. Ohno has conducted economic research together with Mr. Dick. They have used one of the well-known methods in economy – method of observation. Empirism is natural habitat of their existence and they are known as super economists. The research results were explained as follows – phone calls to friends and relatives for money borrowing have become frequent. If there was only one call in a year, now the number of calls made up ten in October and twenty-three in November. In dynamics this implies that people have exhausted all resources to pay current liabilities of the banks. Whole summer, they were disturbing honest friends and somehow they handled the job. But, it seems that all resources are run out and now they have to address such mean scum of society like us. Thus, people are in very grave situation because of old credits, despite the fact that banks have reserved everything they could under bad loans. The number of bad debtors is almost half of people employed by contracts – 340,000. Fierce credit war is awaiting us and we haven’t found bottom yet. New hobby has become fashionable in Georgia. Research has showed that each citizen has about ten plastic cards and five of them are credit cards – like Orange Card. They spend GEL 2000 and then go to some friend and borrow GEL 2200 for a day. You cover the credit card debt and after a day withdraw the money again. Of course, the sum will be GEL 200 less, so what, he will return the money lately, and creditor is satisfied as he has not lost everything. Then you might withdraw money from another credit card and so on. Epoch of credit cardholders is coming to an end, as there are no friends or relatives left to borrow money. Bottom of credit cards is approaching – the study has showed. New wave of financial collapse is anticipated and big disaster will happen. I asked them, how their research was related with Georgian bottom theory and classic economic calculations. This is a nanotechnology in economic thinking and it’s based on Georgian old Bazaleti bottom theory – they answered. I went out; I was completely astonished. I breathed fertile Georgian air and thought that I was hiding from giant Georgian talent. I ran down the slope. I confused PR and empirism. Astonished with finding of Mr. Mr. Dick angry about stubbornness of ungrateful fathers of western economy, I joined the crowd of slowly and unemotionally buzzing people on Melikishvili Avenue. I thought to myself – thank God that these people have no idea about Mr. Dick discovery and they are diligently preparing for New Year. (Their calm faces told me that they were looking for bottom of Bazaleti Lake and cradle at the bottom and someone in that cradle, just like their ancestors. And they were happy). They knew something that Ben Bernanke does not.
So, Georgians are the first who searched bottom and who found it. Anyway, we are on our own and this crisis is per se. What? Don’t you understand? Neither I.
TSU Professor Emzar Jgerenaia
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